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It’s a WRAP… with BIOWRAP®

by bwardell on June 1, 2011

It was a Total Wrap with Lila Kee today on the CHWR show… As she warped up the show with her 2 part question and the CHW Magic Wand answers, she was awesome!! Please listen to this great interview below and check out their wonderful website and products!


Lila Kee: Chief Product Officer, Vice President of Business Development, Board of Directors On Thursday, May 26, GlobalSign, an established Certificate Authority (CA), will be announcing results of a survey of 107 healthcare industry IT security practitioners, with over 51 percent coming from organizations of 5,000 or more. The results demonstrate that when it comes to data security, privacy and compliance, healthcare organizations have cause for alarm.

Platform features:

File Encryption 

256 bit encryption to ensure sensitive information is private and secure and remains protected wherever it resides or however it is delivered.

File Retention Management 

Real time functionality to change the lifespan of an active file, expire an active file (prevent future access), and also reactivate expired files.

Access Right Management 

Set levels of access controls to define a range of confidentiality access rights (security code, username/password, alliance company, personal file)

Forensic Auditing 

Customizable reports provide detailed information for all the activity associated with your sensitive electronic information.

Real-time Notifications 

Email notifications can be set per file to track in real time all access including unsuccessful attempts.

File Protection 

Each BIOWRAP® file is considered as its own independent date and time stamped vault that can never be broken. A reader, or the person in receipt of the BIOWRAP® file, may access the secured vault only using the proper access rights define, however at no time can the reader alter the contents of a BIOWRAP® file.

GlobalSign has been securing identities, websites and transactions, worldwide, since 1996

GlobalSign is a well established Certification Authority and SSL Certificate Provider. A leader in public trust services since the very birth of the commercial Internet, GlobalSign Certificates are trusted by all popular browsers, Operating Systems, devices, and applications. GlobalSign is an expert in providing trusted Certificates and secure mobile technology to cellular and mobile devices. GlobalSign has a rich history of investors, including ING Bank and Vodafone. Now, we are part of a GMO Internet Inc group company – a public company quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 9449) whose shareholders include Yahoo! Japan, Morgan, etc…

Companies who Trust GlobalSign



Check out this service and their products, they cover you, your family and your business in this new digital age!!!

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