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Raj Goel | Net Neutrality | SOPA | Here is What Happened on CHWRadio With Dave & Bill

by dballard on December 27, 2011

Raj Goel

Raj Goel Talks With Dave & Bill About Net Neutrality...

Raj Goelprovides internet & information security for businesses and families from regulators, hackers, and employees.

Raj points out that the biggest change in 2011 and into 2012 is the speed of which the Internet is being Balkanized from different providers.

First, it use to be that our fears and concerns stemmed from the government, and their regulations creating havoc. Secondly, it was the fears of hackers and employees; however, today the shift is to Facebook, Apple, Verizon and private corporations and their relentless warrior attempt to fragment the Internet for their benefit.

Unbelievably…there is a great deal of power and wealth surrounding the control and use of the Internet. Surprised…I think not.

Do you think for a moment that any corporation worth its salt will stand ideally by and not try to claim or control as much of the Internet as possible?  A question I’ve posed to every one of us who uses the Internet several times in previous posts…”Whose Internet is it?”

AOL – Jail Garden

Apple – iPads and iPhones walled off in the Apple store

Amazon – filtered through Kindle – Internet Traffic Sniffer

US Congress: Stopping Online Privacy Act – SOPA Bill – Threatens Freedom of Speech and more

We are experiencing the beginning stages of corporate and Congress Internet control. As consumers, we are manipulated as to what we can and cannot see while surfing the web. Certain technologies (traffic sniffers) are filtering the internet and the information delivered or not delivered.

John Gardner, who said, “History never looks like history when you live through it.“ The future of our current Internet is currently under siege, and you should be mindful of it right now.

We are at the beginnings of the Internet…Whose Internet is it? Knowing those who think it’s their Internet will also clue you in on whom to watch.

Our discussion with Raj Goel shifted to the subject of Net Neutrality and how that affects not only the future of the Internet, but our civil rights and much more.

Cables companies | Cell phone companies | Technology companies (Google – Facebook – Apple) | at one time were in favor of the open source and Net Neutrality, and now they are not so sure, especially when so much money is at stake.

It is not that the corporations have built a network they control, and are now opening it up for access…it’s the reverse. Corporations are now trying to break it up and Balkanize the Internet’s access for no good reason.

What is at stake if we lose Net Neutrality? In the short run, it will be higher costs for every one of us. In the end, it gives unsavory elements/characters control over communication.

Make no mistake…this is a battle for control – money – freedom of ideas – freedom of speech, civil rights, and freedom of livelihood.

Download and listen to the show on the go…

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Net Neutrality may not have a lot of sex appeal or a lot of sizzle; however, it is without question one of the more important issues that will affect an entire global structure, socially, politically, and economically.

What Raj Goel discusses with the CyberHood Watch partners is extremely important to all of us. Take the time to download the show and listen in on what we discussed.

Communication and Awareness… If you do not think these are vital, why do you think one of the first strategic tactics a government entity enforces is to cut of communications not only to those involved in the uprising, but also to the outside world?

Raj offers great insight into Net Neutrality, the significance of the Internet, and the erosion of our civil rights.

Do you know what SOPA is all about? The enclosed video is against the passing of SOPA…I agree.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,



david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

PS: Raj Goel will be our returning guest the last Tuesday of the month for March | June | September |December of 2012…It is already looking good for 2012.



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