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Whats Happening IN your HOOD today? You should know, because IT’s yours you know!!

by bwardell on October 14, 2010

Being aware of your surroundings and as you can read below with this example it’s VERY important: Airlines, hotels on front lines in fight against child trafficking

ATLANTA — Airline passenger Deborah Sigmund noticed something strange about the man and boy who ran up late to catch a US Airways flight last December from Washington to Palm Beach, Fla.

When staff at the gate asked the man for the boy’s name, he had to rifle through papers for an answer. On board, Sigmund quietly asked the boy why he was going to Florida.

“I thought I was going to North Carolina,” he said.

“We are in a unique position to play a critical role in teaching airline personnel to identify traffickers and report them,” said Rivard, who worked for 30 years for American Airlines and founded the AAI group.

Tell-tale signs to detect possible trafficking are: Does a child have few personal items when they board a plane? Do they avoid eye contact, look paranoid, undernourished or ill-treated, or behave in an unusually submissive manner? Read more

We teach everyday in the CyberHood Watch and weekly on our global radio show CHWR, that Communication and Awareness are the Cornerstone to good parenting in the 21st centeruy!!

Communication & Awareness

and that if you want to be an influence to your children start young… teach them your value system!!!

We talked in length about these topic’s today on CHWR, so listen to the show, and also check out the book and links below for more great info!

IT IS Twenty 10 and it’s NIGHT, Do You Know Where Children Are?

Then you’ll need help in finding what pearlies await you kids online and surfing the net… then please download our eBook below :)

The CHW Partners provide you with 2 years of research condensed down to: “Discover The 17 Steps To Better Digital Parenting” Think It Won’t Happen To You? If, you would like to read about each topic check out these links:

TIWHTY?  |  Malware  |  MySpace  |  ID Theft  |  CyberBullying  |  Human Trafficking  |  SEXting  |  Pornography  |  Predators  |  BullyCide  |  The Choking Game |

|  CHW Legal  |  Business Compliancy  |  Internet At Risk Behavior  |  Social Networks  |  Dangerous Drugs  |  Identity Monitoring  |  Been HACKED  |  Red Flag  |

Thanks to all our CHW followers, and the CHWR weekly supporters ;)

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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