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Modern Day Slavery – America’s Protituted Children…Human Trafficking. Julian Sher, Author, Discusses His New Book “Somebody’s Daughter” With Dave & Bill On CHWR

by dballard on January 12, 2011

The Hidden Story of America's Prostituted Children on CHWR

It is so difficult for many of us to internalize the logic…What possesses a prostituted child to stay, and not walk away. How could you subject yourself to such depersonalization? “Battered” to the point of being fatal & “Belittled” to a point of believing your own lie, that everything is better if you stay. As one prostituted child called it, “F____ the head and the rest of the body will follow”.

CHWradio hosts, Dave & Bill, shared an hour with Julian Sher, Author of, Somebody’s Daughter, The Hidden Story of America’s Prostituted Children and the Battle to Save Them.

Many of our prostituted children are runaways or throwaway kids, running from abuse and/or surviving with abuse in lieu of shelter and a false sense of wanting to belong, starving for attention at any risk.

Investigative Reporter, Julian Sher, on CHWradio With Dave & Bill

We asked Julian what was the one question you are consistently asked? Moreover, what is the one question we should be asking about America’s prostituted children that we fail to ask?

“The main question is why do these girls do it? People just don’t understand and they often feel that these girls have a choice. That’s the main thing that people don’t understand, and so there is a surprising lack of sympathy for these girls. And I think the answer is what we have been talking about…what they are running from is worse than what they are running to.”

Slavery & Human Trafficking - Somebody's Daughter

“The question we are not asking is what we are doing in our society that is basically manufacturing these girls. Because, we’re not only throwing them away, we are not only creating a society where their families are so broken, and there is so much abuse that goes unreported that these girls are flooding into our downtown areas, or the casinos, or Vegas, or the strip, or the truck stops, but we are creating the pimps. Our Hollywood culture and our book culture is worshiping the pimp. And most importantly of course we are creating the johns, the clients who are buying these girls.” Julian finished, “The question we are not asking is what we are doing as a society, as individuals that is creating this system that justifies and allows prostitution to flourish”.

Follow the money and look at the dynamics of how children are sold for prostitution, and remind yourself these children are Victims not criminals. Too often, the justice system, law enforcement, and the public have misinterpreted child prostitutes as criminals, and treat them as such only compounding their tragic situation. The aforementioned groups failed to recognize prostituted children as Victims. Not giving them a second thought only perpetuates and contributes to the atrocity.

Think of the business model as a triangle. At one point, you have the child prostitute. The other two points you have the pimp and the john. It is a simple process of supply and demand. Expose and punish the demand side and pursue and incarcerate the supply side. Simple statement, which unfortunately is part of the problem, freeing these child prostitutes from the mind control of their pimps is anything but simple. It has taken dedicated individuals who cared for these children who are making a difference in how we view these prostituted children as Victims not criminals.

In a previous interview with NWCAT and a traffic survivor, Jeri Williams, who reminds us to do everything possible, and never allow the situation to escalate to the point your child runs away.

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Somebody’s Daughter” covers several years and the lives of several prostituted children caught in today’s Modern Day Slavery, and the heroes who have helped change the mindset of those who deal closely with the problem.

One of Bill’s, your CyberHood Watch partner, pet peeve is statistics, especially when it relates to another human being. There is no need for statistics, just be mindful that the number of children and adults caught in Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking is staggering and unacceptable at any percentage.

However, to give a measure of shame, there are more victims of slavery and human trafficking today than there has ever been in the history of the world.

That is a reflection on all of us, those who do it and those who do nothing about it.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard
Radio Security Journalist

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