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CHWR Hosts, Dave & Bill, Interview Robin Sax About What Is Important To Her Today…Human Trafficking.

by dballard on April 5, 2011

Robin Sax on CHWR

Robin Sax Joins Dave & Bill on CHWR

Robin Sax dispels several misconceptions that just because you think an individual is an authority at what he or she does for a living, does not mean you do it better at home.


For example, ever met a contractor who builds and/or remodels beautiful homes, but their home is always under construction. How about Robin’s example, the shoe maker’s kid has no shoes, or her personal experience regarding her husband being an attorney who handles trusts and wills, but Robin and her husband will needs updating.

Robin understands we all make mistakes, even the best of us. Robin does not assume she is impervious to making a mistake with her children, even with her level of experience. What she makes clear is her ability to ask questions, and recognize when the answer is not quite all it might be. Robin also says she is not opposed to making it her business to know what her kids are doing…Investigate | Interrogate.

Two years ago, Robin Sax was our guest and we spent the time talking about child pornography and subjects most individuals try to avoid talking about. In the later interview, Robin said, parents need to be “tech savvy – Not tech paranoid”.  Therefore, today instead of trying to ask questions we think might be pertinent, we asked Robin Sax to share with us what she felt important to her at this moment…Human Trafficking.

Robin Sax Article

CHW Magazine Article on Robin Sax

Prior to this question, we talked about Robin’s publications, which sparked a discussion on the sad state of the publishing industry. Books are being drowned out with an overload of available information on the Internet, and the influence of social media. I mention this conversation because The CyberHood Watch will be releasing a book soon, “Think It Won’t Happen To You”.

“Think It Won’t Happen To You” is a compilation of three years of research and more than 250 interviews with authorities worldwide. We address seventeen steps to better digital parenting; it includes being mindful about Human Trafficking.

We are fortunate that an individual like Robin Sax is personally interested in this problem…Human slavery. It will take an individual like Robin to handle the likes of those who traffic other human beings.

It has taken law enforcement and the Justice System years to develop a mind shift from criminal to victims of human trafficking; many are children of prostitution, not criminals. Robin understands the traps these young girls have found themselves in with little or no chance of escape.

Today there are more human slaves than at any other time in history of the world. Moreover, a great deal of human trafficking happens right here in the U.S. and rural America. Unfortunately, the # 1 position for the destination of Human Trafficking is the U.S.A.

I said it once in a post awhile back, and Bill just reminded me about it the other day…”Shame on all of us”.

Robin brought up a point about how terminology needs to change. When you hear the phrase “human trafficking”, or “prostitute” to describe the events of a child is misleading. Kids cannot be prostitutes, they cannot legally enter into any contractual agreement, therefore; they are prostituted, not prostitutes. We have heard others address uses in terminologies, and the need to change our verbiage to describe certain issues that no longer prove helpful.

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Nancy McBride, National Safety Director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who coined the phrase, “Stranger Danger”, and said during one of her visits on the CyberHood Watch Radio (CHWR) that she wished she could eradicate that term from the English language. The problem she recognized with the “Stranger Danger” was that the majority of child abuses were not from strangers, but family members and known adults.

One of the cornerstones of The CyberHood Watch is “Communication & Awareness” and again we hear how important that concept is in helping to prevent a negative impact on our children, families, and our society. Robin talks about the need for more communication about human trafficking. Hilary Clinton is creating an awareness regarding the tragedy of human trafficking, so the task begins with awareness and continues with finding the solutions. Unfortunately, the public has not learned to identify the sign s of human trafficking as they have with spousal, domestic, or child abuse.

Stop Human Trafficking

It Is Somebody's Daughter

One of the biggest problems affecting the victims is that they do not identify themselves as victims, They know they are here illegally, afraid of being deported, guilty, threatened personally and their families in some cases, therefore; they do not say anything…Thinking they are criminals.

We talked about the use of RFID and/or geo tags to track the worst of the worst heinous offenders. What are your thoughts as you read this?

Other guests who have been on CHWR to talk about Human Trafficking have been Julian Sher who wrote, “Somebody’s Daughter” and the organization Soroptimist International, advocates for those caught up in the world of Human trafficking.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,


david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist


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