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Robert Goldman/Victoria Ruvolo | A Lesson About Letting Go & Moving Forward | “No Room for Vengeance…” In Justice And Healing.

by dballard on August 10, 2011

Robert Goldman, JD, PsyD, and Victoria Ruvolo have taken a stupid act of senseless violence on the part of a teenager that unleashed a selfless act of kindness on the part of Victoria Ruvolo.

The following video explains what happened to Victoria Ruvolo the night a 20 pound frozen turkey was hurled into her windshield while driving home. However, what followed will never cease to amaze those who read the story and how the power of one person’s forgiveness continues to change lives years after the event.

You might be asking why Vicky did what she did. Vicky assured everyone that her decision to forgive Ryan was not made blindly or passively. “I felt like I had someone’s life in my hands,” she said. “I had been through what I had to go through. I didn’t want to see a life rot away in jail. I didn’t see how that would help me move up and move forward.”

Rob Goldman’s passion for justice specializing in teen issues took him back into academia to earn his doctorate of psychology. As a clinical psychologist, Robert Goldman, believed he could better serve today’s youth before they entered the system.

Expanding from his specialty of conflict resolution, he founded Psychological Restorative Solutions, P.C., a corporation that develops programs that facilitate peaceful resolutions to conflict and promote personal growth.

The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill, on CHWradio with Victoria Ruvolo & Robert Goldman

As a criminal defense attorney and as a psychologist Robert’s goals are aimed at reducing the rate of recidivism and placement. Robert Goldman has developed the TASTE program, (“TASTE”, the acronym stands for Thinking errors; Anger management; Social skills; Talking; Empathy), which has become mandatory in the juvenile justice system of Suffolk County, NY, and is being considered by counties throughout the country.

“No Room For Vengeance” is a book about Victoria Ruvolo’s experiences, and how those experiences influenced Robert Goldman and his TASTE program.

I urge everyone to take a moment, especially at a time when there seems to be so much chaos, and find within each of us what it means to forgive. Victoria’s act of mercy is a testament to the long lasting power of forgiveness.

Listen to the interview and share it with someone who has been hurt and is struggling to find peace.

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As both Victoria and Ryan Cushing (the teen who threw the turkey) embraced, he cried in her arms for several minutes, Vicky, finally saying to Ryan, “Just do something good with your life.” Victoria Ruvolo’s comment was, “I needed that hug as much as he did.”

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