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Digital Records At Risk: The Vulnerability of the Elderly

by bwardell on October 18, 2011

We were really excited having Carla Spence back on The CHWR today, she is so awesome and understands what we need, when it comes to keeping track of our own personal health records!

As we talked today with Carla Spence the main subject was about Digital Records At Risk: The Vulnerability of the Elderly to Medical Record Errors…

I also shared with her my experience with the health industry and working with doctors and ER’s and a major surgery to finish out the year… Just a FYI I am doing so much better now, and I am on the road to recovery and rehabilitation with my total knee replacement!!

One of the main blessing I experienced this year, was the fact that Carla was on our show last fall and shared her knowledge of Personal Record Keeping and I started to use and implement this into my life during the fall and spring of 2011 and you guessed it… I became deathly ill went to the emergency room and found out I had pneumonia, and had to spend a week in the hospital, four or more visits with different doctors and problems, then finished with my knee surgery…

I can not thank her enough (Carla Spence) for her advice and recommendation for the record keeping system it worked like a champ for me in 2011

    1. What can you do to protect your records?
    2. What should you expect Healthcare professionals?
    3. What is the government doing to help YOU?

Please listen to the interview you will be so amazed when you learn some very simple (the 3 above) secrets about keeping your records safe and more!

You can find more info here:

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