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There Is A Bitter Ending With Every Sweet Empty Calorie…Author, Aaron Snyder, Talks With Dave & Bill On CHWR

by dballard on December 23, 2010

Aaron Snyder With Dave & Bill On CHWR

Are you an emotional eater? Aaron Snyder comments, that your emotional eating comes from stress triggers, including the happy moments. Be prepared and mange these moments by having foods prepared ahead of time that you can reach for instead of processed foods and/or candies.

Aaron Snyder begins his book, “The New Diabetes Prescription” by describing the role of food in our lives and the hidden strangle hold it may have on our every day behaviors. Our eating habits are not unlike our personal digital security habits. It begins with communication, awareness, and then shedding our complacency for taking action. Most everyone has had that conscious internal mental argument about his or her bad habits, and then the succumbing to what we know to be the poor choice. Aaron’s book is an antidote to help win that internal debate within your own head, while at the same time being an example for your children.

Aaron’s personal life dealt with this until at the age of twenty-two he became aware that he was diabetic. It is a known fact that certain eating behaviors contribute to diabetes and if not predisposition for diabetes, certainly a strong candidate for obesity and all the accompanying problems. Aaron does not want what happened to him to happen to anyone else, and is the catalyst for his book.

CHWR Interview With Author Aaron Snyder

There is no magic pill. However, more and more I am hearing form authorities in the their specific areas of expertise the magic pill of having a clear vision for yourself, your business, your customer, so whenever you become challenged you pull into view that goal and remind yourself about the “why” you are doing what you are doing.

To bring this onto perspective for diabetics it is estimated that one in three children after 2000 will be diabetic. The statement you are what you eat has a lot of truth behind the statement. Unfortunately, what we might be overlooking is the fact that our children are looking and emulating our habits. Our children are learning more about his or her health by watching their parents and family members.

Why does there exist such a dichotomy between having an abundance of knowledge about our foods and choosing those foods that are harmful for us? Aaron explains how we are subject to the industry’s mass production and their bottom line.

Why is it we can eat 1,500 calories in a single sitting and then feel hungry several hours later? The refined and processed foods are tricking our bodies not to register empty and useless calories that we consume. Aaron, points out try eating 1,500 calories of eggs and apples compared to 1,500 calories of soda.
Aaron covers his twelve prescriptions that will help every family in America to control obesity, which will also apply to controlling diabetes.

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These twelve prescriptions will have tremendous results on the future of you and your family’s future wellbeing. Aaron covers all twelve in detail beginning at time stamp: 00:31:11. Be sure to listen to his prescriptions. Also, you can find out more about living a healthy lifestyle from Aaron’s blog.

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