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Thanks for your interest in guest posting opportunities at CyberHood Watch. Fill out the form below!

What are we looking for?

We would like guest posts that fit in theme with the current subjects we cover on this site. Luckily for you, we cover a variety of things, from technical to thoughtful. So anything in the following categories would be welcome:

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  • Children (Keeping Our Children Safe, Parenting, tips & tricks, benefits, families, etc.)
  • Social Networking (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Personal & Family Development (Online and Offline, motivational, inspirational)

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Keep in mind that we’re always open to other topics as well, so long as they fit the general theme of this site.
Please contact The CyberHood Watch® Partners with your ideas and writing samples!

Guest Bloggers

The CyberHood Watch® Blog is a popular website for parents everywhere…. We strive to be the go-to website for CyberParenting, Online Security news, malware warnings, tips and solutions. We’re looking for guest posters that want to help spread community awareness for safer online experince and improved social networking for themselves and theire families, and just a much safer mobile & digital daily results!

Every day, hundreds thousands of websites are malicious hacked. And you can make a difference!

Contribute Posts to The CyberHood Watch® Blog

We have a large audience of parents, families, security experets, industury leaders, other security webmasters looking for ways to keep their familes, children, businesses, and website safe from cybercriminials, malicious hackers, etc… Helping spread awareness takes a group effort. If you have something to contribute to help keep us and our auidence, listners and followers, our CHW Blog users safe, please consider becoming a guest blogger at The CyberHood Watch® Blog. Read the information below and apply today.

Type of Posts to Submit:

We have a group of about 17 topics that we could use your writing skills with… in doing research you may also come up some other ideas as well… You may want to do multiple posts or 2 to 3 part type series of posts, we would love to hear about your ideas!

CHW Topics:
Malware | Facebook & MySpace | ID.Theft | Cyber.Bullying | Human Trafficking | SEXting | Pornography | Predators | BullyCide | The Choking Game | Internet At Risk Behavior | Social Networks | Dangerous Drugs | Identity Monitoring | Been HACKED | Broadband Channel & WiFi | Smartphones |

Write a reviews about the latest products, updates or versions, online systems or social networks, report on current issues, blogs & website vulnerabilities, providing security tips for online safety for our children & teens, surfing the Internet, and keeping your computer safe.

Guest Blogger Exposure

You’ll receive full credit for your posts, an author page with your bio and a link to your website. This generates valuable traffic and backlinks.

Rules and Guidelines

    We have strict guidelines that you must follow when submitting posts.
    Provide quality content where our readers can find value in your posts.
    No duplicate content. Your posts must be original content and not reproduced elsewhere on the Web, including your own blog. You may, however, write up a short post on your own blog and link to your full post on our website.
    Do not violate any copyright laws when adding images to your posts. You must have permission to use them. The max width of images: 480px
    When including links in your posts, they must be relevant to the topic you’re writing about. Do not write articles around topics to justify a link to your website or actively encourage others to visit your blog. Remember: A link to your website is included already at the bottom of your blog posts and on your Author Page.
    Do not include any affiliate links in your posts.
    Proofread your posts. Pay close attention to grammar and spelling.

How to Apply

Please Contact Us To apply as a Guest Blogger, or fill out the form below and include some background information about yourself, a link to your website and your writing experience. We will then contact you via email.

Upon approval, we’ll register you as a “Contributor” of our website where you can upload your bio, link and start submitting posts.

Please note: All submitted posts are held for moderation. We do not make modifications to your posts. If your post does not meet our requirements, you’ll be expected to make modifications for approval. and… a finial warning: As far as links back to your sites, we don’t have a problem with that, you should get the credit for your writing, we just want to make sure the site(s) are clean and has high standards, and does not link back to other sites or 3 party sites that may be considered spam or contain Malware, other than that we should be fine promoting your links and back links. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and hope you take us up on the offer to become a CHW Contributor!

Thanks for your interest… and continued support,

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Trusted Community

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