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The Day Of Dread: April 15, 2012 Are You Prepared?

by bwardell on January 24, 2012

Well if you are prepared we congratulate you!! If not, then you should listen below as Marty Evans explains new tax laws and why you need to very cautious when you using the internet and quick fix Tax People and not doing your due-diligence in finding a true Tax Professional that works with you not only to prepare you taxes but also, throughout the year by giving timely advice!

Please listen to this fantastic interview:

Marty Evans | Client Relations Professional & Business Builder

Successful, loyal, dedicated, operationally detailed executive, capable of managing all aspects of an organization. Proven ability to vitalize an ongoing operation, take an existing organization to greater production and net worth or take a start-up operation to maturity with positive financial success. Client retention thru client service and client loyalty…


Tax and Business Services Business expansion

    Expanded client base over 18%, Expanded gross revenues from 1.4 million to 3.2 million
    Opened new territories and offices
    Re-Vitalized, Re-hired & Re-Trained the operation team and tax preparation staff
    Created Co-op Marketing campaigns with national firms
    Competitor Acquisitions
    Negotiated, acquired and assimilated 2 large tax and accounting firms into an ongoing operation
    Multi-Unit Franchisee Representative
    Fortune 500 multi-unit franchisee representative, nominated and voted in by franchisees

Qualified Preparers – Quality Tax Preparation & Services

For info: TaxPro, Midway, Utah

Office – 435.654.5332

National – 866.876.8788

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