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Net Neutrality | Enough With The “Haves & Have Nots” | Internet Users Better Speak Up!

by dballard on April 8, 2011

Who Controlls The Net?

Whose Net Is It?

What other medium in the history of the world has had such a powerful impact as the Internet? Net Neutrality is an important issue for all of us who enjoy accessing the Internet on an equal par and cost as Buffett, Jobs, Zuckerberg, or Gates would have access. What the Internet has accomplished in approximately fifteen years has taken decades to accomplish with other past mediums. Therefore, to suggest that we set in place laws that permit industry leaders like Google, Verizon, AT&T and others such giants and suggest we agree to exempt future discoveries and/or technologies to be excluded from the public’s general accessibility, but potentially only available through an upgrade in service will undermine the power of the Internet for the masses. Another gap in the “Have & Have Nots”.

We all have a stake in the future of the Internet. Familiarize yourself with the topic of Net Neutrality and what it means to you as a consumer of the Internet and more importantly that total control remains in the best interest of all persons and not dictated by any one class, enterprise, or government interest.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard
Radio Security Journalist

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