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DOJ IT Strategic Plan 2010

by dballard on October 3, 2011

Imagine being in charge of policing the Internet and making sure everyone is afforded the right to live a secure and protected digital life. Well, the Department of Justice (DOJ) IT Strategic Plan for 2010 is charged with that task.

However, in the following diagram I wonder if only one per cent of the budget being allocated to regulatory activities is adequate…just an observation, what do you think?

On the other hand, some of the laws passed may be to quick, and overlook children are just that, children. For example, I know many of my colleagues applauded legislation against “sexting”. Unfortunately, in some cases the punishment did not fit the crime, and children became labeled as sexual offenders for life, missing the point that we are dealing with immature adolescent kids, not predators or pedophiles.

Legislation involving kids  is not a one size fits all and especially with the rapid growth in technology, and the fact that this technology is literally in the hands of kids. Unless parents accept the responsibility to assure his or her child’s has received some instructions for proper online etiquette, maybe there should be legislation that requires children to pass a course in best practices before permission to access the Internet is given. Maybe that idea is more theoretical, but the point is valid…Be prepared for the Internet.

Do You Think One Percent Is Enough?


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