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3 Tips To Make You A Better Digital Parent!

by bwardell on March 2, 2011

Dave and Bill interviewed Yalda T. Uhls, Parenting In The Digital Age she stopped by The HOOD today to share her thoughts on and especially advice to all The CyberHood listeners and followers!

What We Learned from the show: Rule #1 Model what you preach. Rule #2 Keep Media in Public Places (in front of everyone) Rule #3 Balance Media with other Activities. Please click the play button… and LEARN!

Yalda T. Uhls, Masters in Developmental Psychology from UCLA, M.B.A.

She is a developmental psychology student, getting a PhD at UCLA, while also conducting research with the Children’s Digital Media Center @LA.

It’s the perfect blend of the old (see below) and the new, She did research technology and media… She then learned how it affects children and shared this knowledge with others.

There is so much fascinating research out there, She is excited to have the opportunity to share it with other people. OK, at times my kids are my science experiments, but hey, it’s for the good of society.


She was a media starved childhood in which she felt left out in the cold as friends discussed the latest TV or movies, she made up for lost time by going into a career that required watching TV, films and reading scripts 24/7. She climbed the ladder starting at Sony, moving on to New Line, then to Artisan and finally ending up as a Senior VP at MGM. Along the way, She schmoozed, had power lunches, attended Sundance and Cannes more times that she care to admit, and made some movies she is proud of (and many more that she is not so willing to admit to).

When she had kids she vowed two things: one, never to read another script on Sundays and two, to find a career that offered the potential to impact the lives of families in a positive way. Becoming a psychologist studying this new digital age offers me these opportunities and so much more. This blog reflects my ideas and opinions of the research and not those of anyone else.



What a fantastic show and Yalda T. Uhls shared so much in a very short time… Please make sure to take time to listen to this interview, there were 3 tips every parent should be aware of and start the communication with their children today!!!

Thanks Yalda, and we look forward to you joining us again :)

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist


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