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D’Adamo Institute

D'Adamo Institute

Dave and I recently had a fantastic guest on our CHW Radio show named James L. D’Adamo, N.D., D.N.B., originator of the famed Blood Type Diet, founder and director of the D’Adamo Institute for the Advancement of Natural Therapies, has been a certified naturopath for 50 years. Trained in the United States, Germany and Switzerland, he has worked in New York, Montreal and Europe. He currently operates two highly successful clinics in Toronto Ontario Canada and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Both the CyberHood Watch Partners got his book and we are committing to use this program in our homes with our families and share with others the how-to’s changing our bodies into a food (fuel) burning systems… stay in touch and see how we are both doing over the next few months :) Starting January 1st, 2012

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One of the things Dave and I do is we teach parents to understand that behavior is more important than security tools… but you need to have both for children! You need to teach them right from wrong and family values, and security to protect them while they are online…

In our interview with Dr. James he taught us both and all of our followers that you need good eating habits eat the right foods, but more importantly is to understand that each blood type has different requirements for burning food for energy and that once we understand that we can begin to take control of our health and make life long changes to be healthy everyday!!!

Wow can you imagine how this could help you and I but more importantly our the lives of our children, to grow up to B Healthy and to B Stronger, B Smarter, and B Wiser in all they do!

Listen to this fantastic interview here:

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Image of Just An Ounce of PreventionIs Worth a Pound of Cure: A Modern Guide to Healthful Living from the Originator of the Blood-Type Diet


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