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Release 01-24-2011


Smartphones Need SmartUsers – The “M@D” Truth About Smartphone Security…

Salt Lake City, Utah—January 24, 2011—Stop thinking of your Smartphone as a phone. The ability to handle calls is only one feature. The Smartphone is a high-powered Personal Pocket Computer (PPC) that functions as a Phone-TV–Media Broadcast–Print Media– Entire Digital & Social Persona, and a great deal more. Unprotected Smartphones have infiltrated behind corporate walls, and are loaded weapons ready to go off!

Take Heed! In a recent blog entry: U.S. Cybersecurity Predictions, Resolutions and Wishes for 2011, “by Mark Malseed on the OhMyGov site a variety of cyber security experts were able to contribute their 2011 predictions, resolutions and wishes for the coming year. One of the invited experts was Mobile Active Defense’s CoB, Winn Schwartau, who feels that: “A whole lot more disaffected Feds with access to secret/sensitive information are going to echo the WikiLeaks event unless there is an immediate crackdown on access controls on all mobile devices, iPads, smartphones, USB, DVD, etc. from being allowed in and out of facilities.”

William J. Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense, alerts a wider audience to the catastrophic threat posed by cyber warfare:

“Defense against computer-based intrusions is everyone’s business, after all, because everyone is a potential target. While the defense, intelligence, and IT leaders put large-scale cyberdefense plans and policies into practice, government and private-sector employees of all stripes can do small but important things to keep us all safer.”

“We should all resolve to… Begin instituting a cyber policy of Graceful Degradation. Our systems are designed and implemented in a binary form, such that we are often forced to shut down or lose services across too many networks. Designing in Graceful Degradation will allow us, when under attack or other cyber event, to disconnect and isolate mission critical and designated systems, to maintain some operational capabilities while we initiated remediation processes.”

— Winn Schwartau, information warfare expert: US CyberSecurity Predictions

In a recent interview with Rob Westervelt of Search Winn Schwartau, Chairman, Board of Directors to Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D.) and security luminary discusses the threats to Enterprises due to the rapid deployment and use of mobile devices and smartphones in the workplace, the struggle faced by IT professionals to properly secure and manage such devices and why they MUST be secured.

“Now is the time to really start looking at locking down these devices – they (mobile devices) are here to stay, the bad guys are here to stay and if you choose to reject the last 30 years of history it is on you – as the bad guys are coming”, said Mr. Schwartau.

We estimate 4.5 billion mobile devices connecting to broadband in the next couple of years and as usual the sizzle, the convenience, and the bottom line outweigh the security. Billions of smart phones are already behind security defenses, act now and secure your business, your good name, and your customers…Contact db Security Inc. (801) 521-4111

M@D, Mobile Active Defense, makes your smartphone and entire mobile enterprise secure, private and in compliance – in hours. Not weeks or months!

db Security, Inc., has contracted with M@D to market the new Mobile Active Defense technology. db Security, Inc. has developed several respected community information portals providing businesses, families, and children current guidelines for implementing a safe & secure digital lifestyle.

Both Bill and I are proud to represent M@D, and their innovative technology, which will protect and serve our new and existing customers”, said David C Ballard, President of db Security Inc. db Security Inc. provides digital solutions for keeping businesses and their customers safe and secure in the digital age.

You can contact db Security Inc. at (801) 521-4111 and/or through

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