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Gold Seal Approved

Gold Seal Approved


What are the specifications to be a CHW Gold Seal Approved Member?

In an era of digital warp, speed when digital lives seem to shed the human touch and long treasured core values, The CyberHood Watch Seal of Trust represents the approved CyberHood Watch partners, responsible cybercitizens, who agree to a digital code of values.

The CyberHood Watch Seal of Trust represents the future CyberStar that when he or she extends a digital handshake; visitors know his or her word is their bond, and that this website follows an unwritten code of ethics of the CyberStar.

An approved site owner, who displays The CyberHood Watch Seal of Trust, assures his or her visitor the following values…What is in your digital handshake when you welcome your visitors.

C… consideration
Y… yes we appreciate YOU
B… be kind
E… entrusting
R… responsible

S… security minded
T… trustworthy
A… accountable
R… recommended

Here is how we take submissions:

1. If you are a Website or Blog- We love to list bloggers and in our Parents Approved Section and give them a seal. We also frequently review and give testimonials for social networks, parenting websites, security or technology sites and companies who apply.

please fill out this request form:

Include a two sentence description (that we might be posting if we like it!) The title of your blog The link in format. Your name, email and any other contact information. Have you posted about us before or do you plan on posting something? Please let us know–we love sharing link love! If you would like to include a longer description or personal note, just please put it below this information and we will get to it.

*Why you think you should be considered for “free review” and not as a sponsor (cross linking, non-profit status and offering us link backs helps!)


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