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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

News about human trafficking. Commentary and archival information about human trafficking from The New York Times.

Obstacles as formidable as government policies and as basic as family ties undermine the global fight against human trafficking, allowing millions of desperate people to be driven into slavery, leading campaigners will warn on Wednesday.
Posted: November 30, 2016, 12:27 am
Police in eastern India have rescued 13 babies and discovered the skeletons of two infants in raids on homes for the elderly and mentally disabled, as a probe into a suspected international human trafficking ring widened on Monday.
Posted: November 28, 2016, 5:09 pm
A Malawian woman trafficked to the United States by a diplomat, confined to a house for three years and forced to work long hours for little pay has been awarded $1 million in damages in a human trafficking lawsuit against her former employer.
Posted: November 28, 2016, 5:03 pm
A court thinks big to address poverty.
Posted: November 28, 2016, 3:41 pm
Women in Ethiopia live under constant fear of violence, illness, hunger and poverty but they are now also facing a new threat - human trafficking, according to veteran women's rights campaigner Bogaletch Gebre.
Posted: November 24, 2016, 12:12 am
The Neediest Cases Fund has become international.
Posted: November 14, 2016, 4:00 pm
Workers and their advocates fear that a workplace sweep in Buffalo last month could be a blueprint for future raids under President-elect Donald J. Trump.
Posted: November 11, 2016, 8:17 pm
Federal officials announced an indictment in Manhattan and the arrests of six of the defendants, who they said forced women and girls into prostitution.
Posted: November 2, 2016, 1:06 am
This was the third national protest organized by Ni Una Menos, a movement of women’s rights advocates, since the first was held in June of last year.
Posted: October 20, 2016, 1:23 am
This absorbing solo show is an eerily timely offering by a gifted writer and performer.
Posted: October 19, 2016, 3:00 am



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