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Child Pornography

Child Pornography

News about child pornography. Commentary and archival information about child pornography from The New York Times.

A federal judge struggled with a case involving students arrested on pornography charges after seminude photographs of them appeared on other students’ cellphones.
Almost unheard of a year or two ago, cases related to “sexting,” nude or seminude photos sent over wireless phones, are popping up all over the country.
Posted: March 26, 2009, 12:52 am
Society has a legitimate interest in keeping sexually explicit material away from minors. But as the courts have repeatedly emphasized, it cannot be done through a sweeping censorship regime.
Posted: January 27, 2009, 2:52 am
A Putnam County lawyer and part-time aide to State Senator Serphin R. Maltese surrendered to federal authorities after being charged with possessing child pornography.
Six minors have been temporarily placed in state custody as part of a child pornography investigation after a raid on a ministry in Fouke, Ark., officials said Sunday.
A western Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to probation and house arrest for posting graphic fictional stories about the torture and sexual abuse of children on the Internet.
Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable have agreed to purge Web sites that display child pornography and are hosted on the three companies’ servers.
A former employee of a Manhattan company that provides emergency child care for workers at high-profile corporations is being sought for possessing child pornography on his home computer.
The Supreme Court’s upholding of a law that attempts to ban child pornography risks weakening the protections of free speech.
The Supreme Court upheld the latest Congressional effort to curb the spread of child pornography on the Internet.


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