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A New CyberBullying National Program… CHWR Interviewed A Very Special Soul!

by bwardell on November 8, 2011

Today CHWR welcomed Vicki Abadesco to talk about the out of control (behavior) problems in schools today and Creating a Bully-Free World for our children to grow up in…

He is my story and my “ah ha” moment all rolled into one!! When I opened the show today I talked about… some type National Program for CyberBullying and hopefully it is on the horizon, and I was kind of on my soapbox for a few moments, then we brought her onto the show and she did a fantastic interview!

Vicki Abadesco

But half way through I realized that Vicki and her team did have one of the best grass-roots program and systems I’ve ever heard of or seen already in place and it’s phenomenal… wait until you hear the complete show you’ll know what I know, NOW!!! That is, maybe Vicki might have been snickering little bit about a CyberBullying National Program! Because they already have it!!!

We all just need to support and spread their message here at home in the good ole’ USA and especially globally, and more importantley to all our friends and families… so, that’s what Dave and I plan on doing, just that!

They’re on a mission to create a bully-free world by supporting schools to be safe, happy and loving environments for all. We provide interactive programs for students, administrators, staff and parents that teach the essential tools needed to create a thriving learning environment.

This year, Soul Shoppe is launching a very special “We Love Teachers!” campaign that includes workshops and services specifically designed to take care of our hard-working teachers. Be on the look out for upcoming workshops and offerings.

Please listen below:

Soul Shoppe supports school communities by providing interactive programs and tools that teach students powerful learning and life skills.

In addition to working with students, we also support staff by creating and facilitating dynamic staff development trainings that give teachers the necessary tools to implement academic and personal growth.

School Assemblies
Whether you have Soul Shoppe for one assembly, a series of assemblies or assemblies as part of a year round program, they will make a difference on your school campus!

Student Peacemaker Program
30 students are chosen to be the campus peacemakers for the school year. Peacemakers receive a thorough 4-part training that includes communication and leadership skills.

Elementary Peace Program
For a comprehensive year round program that reaches and teaches students on every level, check out EPP – the Elementary Peace Program. This is where you will find more information about Staff In-services and Parent Trainings.

Workshop Days
Soul Shoppe workshops are designed to reach groups of 30-125. These workshops are delivered by grade level as they are modified for specific groups. These workshops allow for more interaction and personal connection with students, which creates more understanding and personal accountability.

Soul Shoppe

A New CyberBullying National Program… CHWR Interviewed A Very Special Soul Today!! To see what I am talking about listen to the interview above and/or you can find out more info at the or just click the banner above…

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