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by bwardell on November 10, 2010

Mark Dryer joined Dave and Bill today to talk about IT solutions, Managed Security Services, and all things Technology… in todays new digital world!

Mark Dryer is the president of MDL Technology, LLC. He started his company in 2003. Dryer has been an IT professional for 13 years and has a number of certifications including a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, MCSE, CNE, CNA, MCP, MCDBA, MS Dynamics Installation Specialist, VSP, VTSP and is currently working toward his VCP.

MDL Technology, LLC is a Kansas City IT company that specializes in worry-free computer support by providing solutions for around-the-clock network monitoring, hosting, data recovery, off site backup security and much more. MDL Technology, LLC is dedicated to helping businesses place time back on their side with quick and easy IT solutions.

Relax… We Handle All Your Business Needs in a Flash. At MDL Technology we’re helping businesses place time back on their side with lightening-fast IT solutions. Our team monitors your computer network and offers simplistic strategies that accelerate your company’s uptime. There’s no challenge we can’t solve.

Whether you’re looking for around-the clock network monitoring, hosting solutions, help desk assistance or off site backup security, MDL Technology has a solution that not only works, it works with the processes your company already has in place. That’s why for over five years 98% of our customers refuse to try any other IT company.

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We want to thank Mark for all his great advice and tips today on the show, the 2 personally I was excited about is finding out about email security and firewalls, please listen to the whole interview… plus Mark had two great free resources he shared with us today as well:

1. open DNS
2. Malwarebytes

I have already checked them both out, and they look like great recommends for keeping you and your family safe!

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Bill Wardell

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