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You Better CHWatch Out… Strategies on Creating Strong Passwords!

by bwardell on February 19, 2010

Today, a lot of individuals think that when they store their files in the computer with a password, it is safe. What they don’t know that there are people around them who do their best to sneak in or have a preview on what is being stored in the database even though they have passwords.

However, many individuals are unmindful on what these ID Thieves can do their files or worst, to their lives. These people are ruthless and do everything just to have a glance of computer data that may include bank and financial records, personal information and even just a confidential file. Nothing is impossible right now so people should be vigilant. In the next few lines of this article, we will discuss on what are the strategies that they may use in order to come up with a strong password.

Generally, passwords are being used by individuals worldwide to keep their files in a safe place. However, a lot of people try to steal them with a thing called, “hacking.” The term hacking is used when a person tries to break your computer’s database in a form of passwords to get the necessary information they need. But when the owner of the information uses a weak password to keep his files safe then there’s a higher risk wherein these hackers can get access to the computer.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of ways to create strong passwords that may be difficult for them the admittance and get into the files. Individuals can make use of their favorite line from a movie or a book that says, “At my signal, unleash hell.” If these are the lines from a movie that you will never forget then probably you can use it as your password, get the first letters of the words like “amsuh” then reshuffle it and it would be “humsa” then make it more complicated by replacing “s” with the number “3” and would appear like “hum3a.”

Now, ID Thieves would have hard time thinking on what your password could be. And lastly, keep it as confidential. Also, try not to use common languages that have been researched from the dictionary because some of them use special software wherein every word from the dictionary is tried in the password box.

Securing your files and other important information is very vital that’s why people should be on guard on how to protect their files. Hackers do whatever they can just to have the piece of information they wanted and so in order to keep safe, it is better to start with the basic access to your files and that’s to create a strong password.

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