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Trend Micro Announces Today, Brand New Product Called Titanium on CHWR!

by bwardell on September 8, 2010

What a HONOR for Dave and I to to have one of the top security professionals in the world on today’s CHWR show, David Perry – Global Director Of Education For Trend Micro to announce their brand new product called:


David talked about some the MIND Boggling Statics that we the consumers deal with on a daily basis in protecting our own PC’s and not really understanding or knowing how big the problems really are, that they the internet security companies of today deal with 24/7 such as 100,000,000 new threats to keep us all safe from!

Folks it’s very alarming to say the least, you need to listen to the this interview now, so do it today don’t wait!!!

And, please get yourself protected TODAY!!

David says that at least 1/2 of the worlds computes are infected with some type of virus, malware, Trojan, or malicious code!!!

That is 50% of the worlds populations Personal Computer’s are compromised, right now…

So, what does that mean well if you like me and have more than one computer in your HOME then at least one them is letting the cybercriminals steal your ID, or grooming your child, sharing your banking information to the Cyber-underworld for profit!!! or for just plain old fun by causing disruption, conflict or CHAOS!!

DON’T Wait and be a part of the Problem… BE A Part Of The Solution!

You can get a 30 day free trial here: 30 Day Trial – TITANIUM

Key features and benefits include:

  • Cloud technology — leverages the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network plus real-time antivirus scanning to provide always-on Internet protection to keep you safe from the latest and ever-evolving malware threats
  • Automatic protection — removes the guesswork of protecting your PC, intelligently and immediately reacts to threats
  • Simple installation — it takes just a few clicks
  • Streamlined interface — it is easy to understand and simple to manage

We want to thank David Perry for taking time out of his hectic schedule to stop the CyberHood today and share his news with The CyberHood Watch and all of our supporters, listeners and followers, and CHWR friends :)

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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