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Top CyberSecurity Threats in 2012

by bwardell on January 26, 2012

Most popular Cybersecurity coverage tends to focus on large-scale threats. Big businesses, banks, and governments are always under attack. But that kind of coverage understates the significance of digital threats to individuals.

With that in mind, here are the top four digital threats in 2012.

1. More Attacks Via Social Networking

The effectiveness of social engineering attacks is catalyzed by human predisposition. Even in the relatively remote realm of e-mail, social engineering attacks are convincing enough to trick a lot of people.


The environment of trust and familiarity intimated by social networking amplifies that threat.
In 2012, expect the threat of social engineering attacks through social networking sites to increase: Expect convincing attacks and expect more of them. These attacks are often an attempt to gather personal information necessary for financial exploitation, so beware of any strangers who spontaneously contact or friend you on any social networking site.

2. Greater Mobile Threat

Smartphones make easy targets. Apps are the easiest way for information thieves and spammers to get malware onto your smartphone. Fresh out of the box, most smartphones come loaded with third-party software and apps.
Though spyware attacks have been limited to the Android, expect 2012 to bring a greater diversity of malware attacks to all smartphones.
Subsequently, expect manufacturers and employers to implement greater smartphone security measures in response.

3. Increased Prevalence of RAM Scraping

Though RAM scraping is one of the oldest Cybersecurity compromises around, it’s only recently been used to seize personal information.
RAM scraping essentially targets the wealth of information left on a computer or server’s memory while a process is being performed. It can also be used to pick through encryption keys stored in your computer’s memory.

Before its recent surge in use, RAM scraping was relatively ineffective at harvesting information from servers. However, information thieves have optimized RAM scraping for attacks on personal systems.
This means that 2012 may bring more RAM scraping attacks on personal computers. This form of attack takes advantage of misconfigured browsers, so make sure you use a safe and properly-configured browser when you access sensitive information.

4. Wireless Security Breaches

Wi-Fi networks are staggeringly prevalent. Most coffee shops, restaurants, and government buildings seem to offer free, unsecured wireless Internet access. All this free wireless is great for easy data access, but it also provides an opportunity for malware to exploit a widened security gap.

A lot of wireless attacks already exist, from hardware exploitation to seizure of proprietary information. Expect an increase in these attacks in 2012.

If you regularly use unsecured wireless internet, you should start taking regular precautions. Avoid accessing personal or financial information on an unsecured connection. Properly configure your browser for optimal security.

Thanks to a rise is cybersecurity training degree programs, more and more people are joining the frontlines of internet safety, but they can’t do it all. Take the necessary steps to protect yourself!


Cybersecurity trends don’t just threaten digital compromise for corporations and government; sophisticated and effective attacks are more frequently aimed at personal systems. Know what’s coming and be prepared.

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Media January 28, 2012 at 7:01 am

This is superb artice.It is useful for my business and enhance my business skills. I agree with your point social networking sites play a major role in today’s business activities and these social media have become the part of the business promotions . And most of the companies have a brand page for them , this itself proves the importance of social media.

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