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Fran Maier, CEO TRUSTe, Joins Dave & Bill on CHWR | Smartphones Need Smart Users…Privacy is #1 According to a Recent TRUSTe Survey.

by dballard on April 27, 2011

Fran Maier on CHWR With Dave & Bill

Fran Maier CEO of TRUSTe on CHWR with Dave & Bill

Fran Maier, President of TRUSTe has been a previous guest of The CyberHood Watch Radio (CHWR) to talk about privacy rights and issues facing the digital age. During that show, we referred to TRUSTe as the gatekeeper between consumers and their privacy rights. TRUSTe continues to be the gatekeeper by providing consumers a means to identify a trusted source that conducts business according to a standard of best practices. The mark of TRUSTe is the mark of trust.

We have discussed Smartphones often, and the need to recognize that they are sophisticated mobile digital devices with enormous capabilities that continuously exceed our expectations. In previous posts, and interviews, we have discussed the dilemma of convenience vs. security. Unfortunately, industry tends to disregard security in favor of the consumers desire for convenience…Not so when it comes to Smartphone devices.

Surprisingly, in an announcement today, TRUSTe has released the results of a survey among one thousand (1,000) Smartphone participants addressing privacy, usage of mobile applications and mobile websites.

Seems convenience and security have taken a back seat to consumers’ number one issue when it involves his or her Smartphone …Privacy! Thirty-eight percent state that privacy is his or her main concern, followed by security (26%); identity tracking (19%); and sharing information with or without permission (14%).

Consumers are beginning to recognize the amount of personal data that is collected, and are becoming cognizant of the importance of transparency, how personal information is used, and the choice to make informed decisions whether or not to engage.

Fran Maier on CHWR With Dave & Bill

Once Again Fran Maier on CHWR | Smartphone Privacy #1

People want choices, and are leery of being tracked by behavioral advertising. Imagine for a moment computer chips (nanotechnology) embedded into the construction of our roadways, sidewalks, the isles throughout shopping malls, and integrated into the fabrics of our clothing, enabling the tracking and recording of everything you do, even your pulse rate. The aforementioned technology was the subject of the science channel, which is currently under development.

TRUSTe has provided five tips for mobile app users:

1.  Look for signs of trust

2.  Read the app privacy policy

3.  Review and set app-level privacy settings

4.  Review and set OS-level privacy settings

5.  Pay attention to pop-up notices

Think before you click…

As always, Fran Maier provides our listeners of CHWR and visitors to The CyberHood Watch blog years of wisdom for the consumers to ready oneself to make better-informed decisions in the digital age.

Download the interview below and listen to it at your convenience.

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Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard

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