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Raj Goel, will talk about phishing, email scams & fraud, etc…

by bwardell on October 5, 2011

Raj Goel’s Summary

Raj Goel

Brainlink has extensive experience in working Pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, especially on time-sensitive, privacy and/or security oriented solutions. From 24×7 crisis management, to security analysis and problem solving, Brainlink brings a wealth of experience in reducing costs, increasing performance and garnering client satisfaction.


Raj’s “Is your company Googling it’s Privacy and Security Away” article appeared in INFOSECURITY Magazine June 2009 Issue.

A well-known author, speaker and Information Security expert, Raj has presented at several national and international information security conferences, built an Information Security Compliance Office at a multi-billion dollar retailer, assisted clients in achieving the PCI-DSS Report On Compliance (ROC). Various hospitals and medical chains in the Northeast retain Mr. Goel to conduct HIPAA/PCI/State-privacy-breach compliance assessments and implement remediation strategies.

Raj has appeared on PBS, CNNfn, Geraldo and in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles worldwide.

He is open to more speaking engagements, magazine and book publishing inquiries and information security engagements across North America.


Extensive experience in working with agencies that cater to the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. Nationally recognized speaker on HIPAA, PIPEDA, PCI-DSS Credit Card Security, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) issues.

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We really appreciate Raj being on the CHWR show today… he was awesome! you can keep up with Raj on his Blog and follow him here @RajGoel_NY and/or on his Fanpage.

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