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Personal Identifiable Information (PPI) Is A Valuable Commodity Desired By Organized CyberCrime

by dballard on January 14, 2010

Data Protection - Secure Your Personal Indentifiable Information

Personally identifiable information (PII) and financial transactions are targeted increasingly more and are in need of protection from cyber crime. PII is an extremely valuable commodity and opens many avenues for criminal activities. The fact that cybercrime is often a transnational threat; makes it even more difficult for law enforcement to pursue.

This is exactly what Bill (CyberHood Watch partner) brought up in our conversation with Donna Rice Hughes this week on CHWradio. The difficulties of pursuing child pornographers because of jurisdictional law within our own borders of the United States, which has been an ongoing problem for law enforcement, not to mention the difficulties associated with transnational jurisdiction.

All the complexities and inconsistencies of jurisdiction and transnational laws pertaining to PII demands that cyber crime legislation re-evaluate and start thinking about virtual self-defense and or counter attacks.

We Need More Cyber Crime Units

Current cybercrime laws and regulations do not allow for a distinction between cyber attack and an act of cyber defense. Better laws and enforcement of those laws are needed to distinguish between passive defenses such as firewalls, anti-malware, conventional methods, and active defenses such as counter attacks and virtual active self-defense.

Imagine for a moment instead of the passive reactions an individual could set up online electric fences to render the attacker harmless by triggering an immediate counter attack.

Unfortunately, the most important US law governing computer penetration, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, makes no mention of retaliation as exculpation.

Organized crime today is very sophisticated and can perform very precise targeted attacks. These attacks are carried out through emails, which are engineered to know specific details about you, your co-workers, and what project you may be working that there is no reason you would not open the email.

If you really would like to watch a video that explains the sophistication that is being used today specifically to target its victim then watch this video. As you watch, apply the same principles to your personal computer and how you might become targeted for your PII, and/or your child’s.Targeting/Spying On Your Personal Identifiable Information

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