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Do You Permit A Loaded PC In Your Home Where Kids Play?

by dballard on February 18, 2010

For the past five years, even before Bill & I set up our corporations, we both have been talking about and informing our friends, families, and loved ones about the significance of every day PC end-users like ourselves, how important it is to manage the security and safety of his or her computers.

Rob Forsyth - Sophos Head of Technology - Asia Pacific

Now almost five years later, Rob Forsyth, addresses how important it is for all of us to be responsible cybercitizens in the digital age. In Rob’s interview with Paul Ducklin, Sophos’s Head of Technology, Asia Pacific, both discuss ISPs, governments, and cybercrime. One specific area covered is piracy online. However, what jumped out at me, which you will find at the 05:30 minute mark in the recorded interview, was when Rob and Paul address the core problem…something we have been sharing with our visitors for years.

We have talked about this many times, we even interviewed other authorities who have addressed the problem as well, and that is if you own a computer and are negligent about keeping it free of malware, you are essentially part of the problem. We have a responsibility to keep our computers out of the hands of organized cybercrime and subversive groups.

Although, Rob addresses the significance of the problem, permit me to reiterate what Rob says when he talks about “Zombies”. Every one of us who owns a computer and is on the Internet is a link in the system. Every PC has the ability to be misused for criminal activity to wreak havoc causing personal, financial, and physical damage to something or someone. Not to mention one of our biggest issues…Protecting a child’s “Age of Innocence”. You do make a difference. Do not allow your computer to become a “Zombie” computer.

Cyber Warefare

The image most of us had from the later paragraph was probably of an individual at his or her computer. Now picture a boardroom with sophisticated equipment, highly educated individuals, organized crime operating outside the country. This is a real threat and all of us have a stake in the outcome. Once we realize this, the sooner we remove a threat and begin protecting our families and the country we live in.

Do not underestimate other countries seeking to dominate, control, or disrupt another country’s infrastructure. The Internet and the new digital age have eliminated borders and now that there are PCs in almost every home in America, the threat is from within.

The CyberHood Watch is concerned that our readers and visitors know how to become responsible cybercitizens. You are welcome to follow exactly what we do, but whatever you do…Do something.

We would be remiss of our responsibility not to mention that we are addressing only the technical side of the issue in this post, there is also a behavioral side of protecting our children, families, and businesses well-being on the Internet. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed for continued support how to keep your children, families, and businesses safe in the digital age.

david c ballard

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