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The Perfect Storm – What Parents Need To Know To Protect Their Children!

by bwardell on May 25, 2010

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In the new CyberHood 2010 to 2013

Parents are you aware that most 4th graders, 18 Out of 23 of them, have smart phones.

and that… The numbers are stupendous, the threats are incredible, and users are completely unaware they all have perfected the art of Apathy, Arrogance and Ignorance. Soon enough there will be 2 Billion of them piloting our electronic roads and by 2013 there will be 4.2 billion mobile users in this PERFECT STORM of a online security nightmare!!

Listen to our interview we did today with Winn Schwartau as he joins Dave and Bill in the CyberHood to share his thoughts and fully explore the future of mobile communication that includes: iPhone, Droids, Smart Phone’s, iPads, Laptops, Kindles and book readers and how they will pertain to education, business, home, communication and awareness for parents and their families and keeping our children safe whenever they’re connected to the web.

and…. YES as well as some of the most negative ways these technologies are being used by Cyber Criminals especially how the web appreciations and smart phones being used to deliver pornography directly to our children right in front of our noses… and destroying the moral and behavioral integrity one text message at a time, one image or video at a time and NOW one downloadable smart phone APP at a time!

Is Your Teen Being SMART… When using their Smart Phone’s & Web Applications?

You can find more information about Winn’s work, goals and what he is working on NOW!!

Learn how to protect your kids:

M.A.D. Blog, a blog about mobile security and Mobile Active Defense.

The Perfect Storm – What Parents Need To Know To Protect Their Children!


Get MAD in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get MAD! – Get mad that your Smartphone is the next target of Phishing, Malware and Spam by criminals and scammers. Yes, get mad that they want to steal personal credentials, cause data breaches and compromise your Enterprise.

Step 2: ‘Get’ MAD – Understand that smart phones are truly mobile computers and an extension of your corporate networks. Understand (get) that MAD allows you to protect and control your mobile Enterprise. Understand that MAD protects consumers (including your kids!) from the hostilities of the internet.

Step 3: – Get MAD by clicking on the button. Within minutes MAD will be covering your @, and Phishing, Malware and Spam become a thing of the past.

Do whatever it takes to protect your children now and in the future by being aware and communicating with them daily… and use:

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

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