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PC Pandora Helps Find Daughter Who Ran Away With An 18-Year-Old Boy…

by bwardell on February 16, 2010

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Those of you who joined us today for the CHW live radio show with Ken Shallcross from PC Pandora, were blessed to hear an amazing story of what today’s parents are facing with the new internet we call the (CyberHood)… read and listen below!

Ken made his 4th appearance on our show! After more than a year of development, Pandora Corp. has just released the newest version of their computer monitoring software, PC Pandora 6.0. In addition to the upgraded software, PC Pandora LIVE! is launched. A web-based feature, the LIVE! service will let you check the data recorded from your home computer from anywhere you can access the Internet – including your iPhone!

The start of 2010 also brought something totally new from the company. Pandora Corp. has released The Office Software (theOS), a network-based monitoring and productivity tool designed to help small businesses and department managers eliminate cyberslacking and protect corporate assets. Listen to the show to hear how exciting all this new technology is, and how it’s helping business owners as well as parents everywhere.

Social Networking… is such a integral part of modern life today… something as simple as getting kicked off an airplane can turn into a nation-wide conservation in matter of a few minutes, or an international debate in a few hours!!! case in point, in a matter of a few hours this story was global!

The SLC version :)


Dana, a father who used PC Pandora to find his daughter who had run away with an 18-year-old boy she met on the Internet.

PC Pandora… has graciously setup a special link for all parents who listen to “CHW” and all our blog followers, it’s a $10:00 off the normal sale price discount… Thanks to Ken and his team for helping our CyberHood Watch friends & family!  Special CHW discount

What a great show, one of the best we have ever done!!

Thank you Ken and Dana for taking time out of your day to share with Dave and I, and especially for sharing with the CyberHood Watch audience this wonderful story, not every story can have a happy ending but I believe with the PC Pandora software a lot more of these types of stories could and will have a happy ending, and reunite families everywhere… that is our hope and prayer.

This is such a powerful story that others need to read it and use it to protect their own families and children… please share this with your loved ones :)


You still don’t think it can happen??

or you!!

Think It Won’t Happen To You

Predators are real… and they do strike someone, someplace, somewhere, every single day, 24 hours a day… thousands of cases daily, around the world!

WE hope this message reaches those parents just like Dana… who are searching for solutions, that they’ll find PC Pandora… before it is to late!

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

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