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Online Security Means Keeping Our Children Safe and away from…

by bwardell on May 3, 2010

the ONLINE MADDness of surfing the Internet and the mobile World Wide Web on Monday… or any other day of the week!

Here is a quick list of blog posts, containing the kind of maddness our children are dealing with daily:

Online Predators and Sexual Grooming: Keeping our Children Safe

The revelation this morning that the New Zealand Police have been contacted by American Authorities to track down the New Zealand victim of what is believed to be sexual grooming is a salient reminder that, while scams targeting our wallets are still prevalent, those most vulnerable to exploitation on the internet are our children.

Online Child Exploitation Across New Zealand (OCEANZ) was set up in October 2009 to proactively protect children from online sexual predators. They have been contacted by American authorities and will be vital in the prosecution of a 19 year old American man who used a web camera to communicate with a 14-year-old New Zealand girl. It is believed that the man is being charged with a crime similar to the New Zealand offence of sexual grooming. Sexual grooming, a growing threat throughout the world, is defined as setting up and preparing another person to be the victim of sexual abuse, and online grooming involves setting up an abusive situation via cyber-technologies such as the internet.

Keeping our Children Safe on Campus

As parents, the thought of sending our children off to college should be a glorious and happy thought. We all dream about the day that our sons’ or daughters’ announce their acceptance into college. We spend years preparing for the day. We weigh out the pros and the cons when choosing a school such as distance from home, curricular activities, which college best suites our child’s dreams for the future. However, do we ever consider safety? Is safety an issue when choosing a college? Disturbingly, yes it is. In today’s society, crime on college campus is at an all time high; more so for women.

It is reported that: 1 out of every 4 women will be assaulted sexually on school campus.

1 out of every 8 women will be raped during their transition through college.

I am sure this is startling news for most parents. So, what can we do as parents to insure the safety of our children?

Cyber Safety: Keeping our children safe in the CyberWorld

More and more of our students are texting, instant messaging, webcasting, Twittering, and using YouTube and Facebook.

Do you know … what they are posting? what they are viewing? Where your children are in the cyberworld? The INTERNET SAFETY STRATEGIES FOR STUDENTS? the TOP 10 THINGS PARENTS MUST DO to protect our children?

Some quick facts:
• 53% of students enter chat rooms and 85% use Instant Messaging
• 1 in 5 children between the ages of 10-17 have been solicited inappropriately online. In 15% of those cases, the predator attempted to meet in person.
• 89% of the solicitations of kids were made in chat rooms or Instant messages.
• 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys were exploited before they reach adulthood.

Come learn/share together and help protect and guide our tech-savy generation of children.

And another great link is here: Get Your Own Copy Of

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