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Marc Maiffret | CTO of eEye Digital Security Meets With Dave & Bill to Discuss the Results of the New Survey of 1,600 IT Professional.

by dballard on June 21, 2011

CHWradio Interviews Marc Maiffret - CTO eEye

Marc Maiffret | CTO | eEye Digital Security - Back With Dave & Bill on CHWradio

Marc Maiffret of eEye Digital Security is back to visit with Dave & Bill on CHWradio to discuss eEye’s recent survey results. According to Marc, the hackers are back in a big way and flexing his or her digital prowess, whether it is exploiting your personal persona (ID Theft) or the corporate enterprise.  A return to hacking that we have not seen in five to ten years.

The cultural perfect storm, a resurgence of the number of right things that come together to create the perfect situation. For example the “Anonymous Group”, which began as a loose group, a collective in its beginnings, and now have become more active because of the media coverage of what has happened for example with WikiLeaks.

For some time, there has existed a gap between the IT security world and the personal computing world. However, recently that gap has narrowed due to the onset of the mobile devices. We asked Marc what he thinks about that statement. With an estimated 4-5 billion mobile devices connecting to broadband, it seems more and more that IT security personal are finding a demand to incorporate the use of these mobile devices into the workforce, creating a number of security challenges.

Unfortunately, like most new technologies there seems to be a push for the convenience side, without pausing to consider the balancing of the security implications. Asking the right questions, and what the needs are for the use and functionality of his or her personal mobile devices, need to be discovered, understood, and addressed. Be sure to listen to the full explanation to what Marc had to say.

Why do a survey? We try every once in a while, a few times a year, to get a pulse on what people are thinking. For me, it is one thing when and what we talk about regarding security, but there can be a gap in what we are all reading in the news, “headlines”, and the “reality” of what IT people are facing every day. The survey of 1,600 people helped determine that when you look at headlines and the sensationalism of this or that sophisticated attack, the bottom line are the folks working in the trenches are still worried about the everyday common malware they are dealing with, the day-to-day things.

Every day malware is the IT’s biggest problem.

What is the best way for IT’s to deal with this problem?

eEye provides a free vulnerability “Retina” assessment scan. The value of this scan allows for ITs, whose security budgets have been cut, frozen, or just inadequate, now has help to build a case, and can visually represent to his or her boss, and /or management the need to do more because they are open and vulnerable to attacks.

When you look at security technologies, what are you really trying to protect? Have a real concept of what are the risks you face. Having every single security tool available is not necessary, but what is necessary is to recognize and reduce your business security risks. According to the survey, the majority responses (65%) of ITs want better security reporting and dashboarding technologies. Overall, ITs want to distinguish the signal from the noise, in addition to knowing how to best prioritize the threats facing his or her organization.

Listen to the interview and find out what happens to small to medium size business security when the economy takes a downturn? How do organizations adjust?

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What do you feel the survey helped accomplish? “I hope that for folks that are working in the trenches, an IT, in some way can use the survey, as not the end-all be-all, but as another tool to help make their case when they are talking with management about the problems they are facing with security, and the time that it is taking them”, said Marc Maiffret.

“What is lacking with most businesses first and foremost is the knowledge, and education to make the right decisions about security”, said Marc.

Consumer devices often change the landscape of businesses…for example, Smartphones. However, Smartphones need smart users. What is the future of the desktop? When is the last time you watched a commercial to purchase a desktop computer? Smartphones have caused a paradigm shift in how we communicate, interact, and do business with each other.

The landscape is rapidly changing, and the desire for more mobile devices by consumers is changing how businesses develop. Begin to imagine your mobile accessory, as a minimal device, only necessary to connect to the Internet broadband and all its cloud computing power.

There is so much great information Marc shares that relates to all of us, be sure to download the entire interview with Marc Maiffret and learn more about eEye’s recent survey of 1,600 ITs here:

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

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