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Joyce Brocaglia CEO of Alpha Associates, Announces The Cyber Security School Challenge on CHWRadio.

by dballard on February 18, 2011

The CyberHood Watch Discovers The Cyber Security School Challange

Joyce Brocaglia on CHWR

Joyce Brocaglia is the CEO of Alpha Associates, Inc. a recruiting firm that specializes in information security, IT risk management, and privacy that Joyce started twenty-five years ago.

Joyce is a New Jersey girl that grew up on Wall Street, spent much of her career as the only woman in the room, and was witness as more women took on leadership roles as security officers, risk officers, and privacy officers. As a leader herself, Joyce decided to develop an organization in which all these amazing women could come together. Therefore, about ten years ago Joyce developed the Executive Women’s’ Forum surrounding information security, privacy, and risk management that now numbers about seven hundred leading experts. Executive Women’s Forum now provides scholarships and support for women who chose careers in the security fields.

Both CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, are excited to hear about Joyce’s involvement in reaching out and educating kids regarding best practices for living a safe digital life. It is so refreshing to see industry leaders (thinking like parents) who are engaged in the Enterprise world collaborating to empower our children with the knowledge and understanding on becoming responsible cybercitizens and practicing digital civility.

Like any great initiative and/or inspired advocates, the Executive Women’s Forum, received such positive reactions, they decided to reach out even further, and solicit the support of professional colleagues to participate in creating an online school to empower anyone who desires how to live a safe and secure digital life.

Joyce Brocaglia reached out to the community and formed alliances with Carnegie Mellon University, The National Cyber Security Alliance, IFC2, and a good friend Linda McCarthy, author of “Own Your Space”, and together support the site called, “The Cyber Security School Challenge”.

What is unique about The Cyber Security School Challenge is that anyone who would like to do something about keeping our kids safe in the digital age can download the material and effectively teach a lesson to a class of students, an organization, or your family. The site enriches its readers, and empowers its visitors to pay it forward.

Joyce points out that parents should be mindful about the fact that many young children may be technically savvy, however; it does not equate to the wisdom and maturity level necessary to navigate the web safely, and making sound informed decisions.

Joyce discussed using the 3 W’s and the three C’s to help kids to stop and ask themselves questions before clicking:

Whom do you click?

What would you click on?

Why would you click on it?

Cyber Safety is in terms of having responsible rules and behavior to keep you safe when connected online.

Cyber Ethics defined in terms of an informal code of having positive contact when communicating online.

Cyber Security defined as having the right protection of information, computer systems, and networks.

Take the challenge, visit The Cyber Security School Challenge, and click on one of the three steps, and together we can make a difference in the future well-being of our children.

CyberHood Watch Part of the Cyber Security School Challaenge Announcement

CHW Meets The Cyber Security School Challenge

At least 40% of children are opening social networking profiles and gaming accounts under the age of thirteen. Which only emphasizes the need for parents to take an active role in his or her child’s digital life?

“We’re the people who understand it the most, we’re the people that can actually make a difference, and are sophisticated to answer the questions these little kids are asking. It’s pretty amazing how bright these kids are”, said Joyce.  Sites like the Executive Women’s Forum and The Cyber Security School Challenge are the “golden nuggets” The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, enjoy discovering for our visitors, frequent and loyal readers.

Joyce’s comment about industry leaders’ involvement, like The Executive Women’s Forum, is getting behind the STOP | THINK | CONNECT government initiative. The later mentioned activities are setting a corner stone to help support future generations with continued communication and awareness for living a safe and secure digital life.

Be sure to listen to full interview with Joyce Brocaglia, CEO of Alpha Associates, Inc. We interviewed Joyce, while attending the RSA 2011 conference, where she announced the new website; The Cyber Security School Challenge.

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Joyce combines Enterprise expertise with parental perspective that encompasses a proactive approach – getting to the kids before something happens to them.


Your CyberHood Watch Partner,


david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist


PS: A shift in thinking: “Security can be a competitive edge”.

PSS: Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts?

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