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It Is Not Rocket Science…But The Stakes Are Higher – Your Child’s “Age Of Innocence” Is At Risk!

by dballard on January 21, 2010

Annoying As A Scratch On A Vinyl LP

Annoying As A Scratch On A Vinyl LP

Hope I have not reached the point of saturation with you, however; I know I am sounding like a broken record to myself. Somewhere in the archives of marketing it has been determined that a message must be exposed to its target audience approximately seven times before an individual becomes aware of your message.  Odd, I wonder how many readers even remember the sound of a broken record: or the proverbial “scratch”. The ritual of handling an LP – what’s an “LP”?  Okay, enough of that. That vinyl-episode of the LP era has passed.

Here is the sound of my broken record…Communication, communication, communication. It is consistently recognized as the “golden nugget” among our guests for the past two years of CHWradio. Typically, accompanying communication within the same sentence is “Awareness”. The two principals work very well together in providing children, families, and businesses the foundation for developing the concept of “enjoying the Internet safely”.

We Appreciate What The CyberHood Watch Is Doing.

We Appreciate What The CyberHood Watch Is Doing.

When we asked Stephen Dean, Peabody Award Winning investigative journalist, when is it a good time to talk with your children about the Internet safety, his immediate response was, “When they first reach for the keyboard”. The explanation does not have to be explicit or in graphic detail, just point out that there are individuals who are not nice and who are mean to others on the Internet and no one should ever make them feel uncomfortable. Assure them that if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable it is okay to let you know, without scolding or punishment. Most children who are in trouble and sense an uneasiness with an online or offline incident are reluctant to say anything for fear of retribution or losing their computer privileges’. A sad thought to think the unimaginable has happened because the child thought the communication would be yelling at him or her.

See Dad Holding A Tired Internet/Digital Surfer

See Dad Holding A Tired Internet/Digital Surfer

If you have ever visited an Apple store and watched the children at the kids station, it will amaze you just how early an age we are identifying. For some children, navigating is foreign and exploratory, however; for many it is familiar and accustom. Watching a five year old perform learned habits that allow them to navigate a game is a reality check. Do not think for a moment, a very young unattended or unsupervised child could unintentionally navigate the Internet and end up on a pornography site. It happens too often and I shudder to think how that encounter affects their innocence. [affects – effects…someone let me know]

Gary & Joy Lundberg

Gary & Joy Lundberg

Gary and Joy Lundberg was highlighted in Bill’s earlier post, which followed our interview with the Lundberg’s. Both Gary and Joy shared a great deal of wholesome wisdom surrounded in virtue. Both Lundberg’s are authorities who have spent countless years in all aspects of the family dynamics, marriage – grand parenting – child development – in-laws, etc.

A comment in particular that I understood was the statement by Gary that we listen formulating our own reply. We are too busy thinking of a reply that we neglect listening.

A helpful piece of advice shared by Gary and Joy Lundberg when developing a communication with children are:

Listen…Give your full attention

Listen…To the emotions

Listen…To the needs

Understand…What can I do to help?

For this recording and other downloadable interviews on CHWradio, you will find them by clicking on our CHW iTunes link.

We also discussed pornography and what is does to children. I will suggest you download the show and listen – listen – listen…understand.

The natural barriers that kept pornography out of our homes have all since dissipated into thin air with the advent of the Internet. Moreover, mobile devices have been the catalyst to an exponential growth in the pornography industry.

Sadly, our youth are the biggest viewers of pornography. I will leave you with these thoughts…Pornography is addictive. It is easier for a heroin addict to recover than it is for pornography addiction.

Donna Rice Hughes

Donna Rice Hughes

We also talked about pornography with Donna Rice Hughes, and in one of the videos in Internet Safety 101, it is stated that an individual addicted to pornography may lose his or her free agency.

Knowing your child’s online activities is paramount, not knowing is why we came up with ‘Think It Won’t Happen To You”, discover the 17 steps to better Internet parenting.

david c ballard

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