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Whose Internet Is It Anyway?

by dballard on April 7, 2010




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The CyberHood Watch continuously promotes the safety of children, families, and businesses in the digital age through communication and awareness. The key being communication and awareness, without those two elements, making informed decisions will be barren and void of sound reasoning.

Recently the U.S. Court of Appeals has limited the government’s ability to police companies’ Web behavior by the District of Columbia Circuit in a 3-to-0 decision. The Federal Communications Commission’s 2008 order against Comcast, the largest U.S. cable company, has been vacated. The FCC in 2008 had censured Comcast from blocking subscribers using peer-to-peer software.

According to Ben Scott, policy director of the advocacy group Free Press, “Comcast is now permitted to block Web sites with impunity”.



The Cable & Telecommunications Noose Is Tightening For Free Internet


Communication and awareness…Are you paying attention.

We refer to the Internet as the Super Internet Highway. Imagine for a moment the auto industry owning all the roads, Interstate Highways, freeways, toll roads, off-road, etc. How many times have you heard the fiduciary responsibility of the corporation is to its stockholders? Long illustration made short…All roads would lead to dealerships and any aftermarket businesses. In addition, all U.S. manufactured automobiles have preferential access to premium roads…All other auto manufacturers accessible roads are under construction and please excuse the potholes.

There is a lot to be concerned about with the jockeying for control of the Internet. There are those like the Open Internet Coalition who believe the more control telephone and cable companies acquire of the Internet, the more threatened the health, and the openness of the Internet becomes, in addition to the ability to write new open-Internet rules.


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The FCC is now seriously considering placing Internet services into a stricter regulatory classification, and possibly moving Internet service under telephone rules.

What does all this mean for the future of the Free Internet?



Whose Internet Is It?

There is a big power struggle going on here and unfortunately, The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill can only bring this to your attention. We have not been asked to sit in at the table of AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc., Time Warner Cable Inc, Inc., Google Inc., eBay Inc., and IAC/Interactive Corp., Open Internet Coalition, Comcast Corp., and voice our opinion.

If any of you, (our readers) have some additional input or clarification – now is the time to speak up. This is a topic we all should be mindful of and communicate to one another.


david c ballard




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