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“In 10 Years We Will Be Here With The Ultimate ‘Sixth Sense’ Brain Implant”

by dballard on December 3, 2009

My son sent me an IM early this afternoon; here is what it said, “Get ready for the future…because it is here.”

He knows me very well, and if you want to know a little more about what stokes my imagination; he hit the nail on the head with this one.

MIT Media Lab's new Fluid Interfaces Group

MIT Media Lab's new Fluid Interfaces Group

Pattie Maes while presenting a demo at TED said, “In ten Years we’ll be here with the ultimate sixth sense brain implant”. Pattie Maes heads her newly founded Fluid Interface Group, which is also part of the MIT Media Lab.

This is definitely; my cup of tea and just the kind of thinking that has always lead me to move in the direction of futuristic technologies.

However, for the past several years my partner, Bill and I, have been in another area of technology. We have been researching, educating, and empowering a community on how to implement best practices for a safe Internet for children, families, and businesses.

Enjoying the Internet safely, involves technologies, parenting, digital responsibility, civility, behaviors, ideologies, and how to embrace all that within the Internet has been a focus of Dave & Bill’s own personal interface group.

Touching and refreshing for something new. The genuine excitement displayed, the spontaneous applause by those in attendance could be felt through the speakers. The allure of this fusion of new media is intoxicating for someone like me, who is one of those futuristic technology dreamers. Moreover, when it becomes tangible and you witness the reality of it being demoed… Wow sweet it is.

However, and I would expect it is due to the past several years dealing with children, families, and small business owners regarding Internet safety, and the importance of protecting your personal and identifiable information. With that in mind, and as awesome as this new technology will be, the question that needs some serious discussion is how an intelligent criminal, who is jumping with enthusiasm, would view his new toy or new application of malice. We are not going to stop this technology, and I do not want it too. Unfortunately, it will find its way into the underworld. Anyone have any thoughts? Please comment.

Your Personal Area Network (PAN) is very much a reality. Imagine someone shaking hands with you and your entire Internet Bio is displayed on their shirt for your viewing. Wow – imagine the look on your face when you see America’s Most Wanted displayed.

Pattie Maes refers to all this as your sixth sense of a seamless actions to relevant information. “We like to invent new disciplines or look at new problems, and invent bandwagons rather than jump on them.” Pattie Maes, Digital Journal

In the wrong hands, who invents the bandwagon?

Enjoy the video and while you are watching…ask yourself, “Am I sure, I am enjoying the Internet safely”?

david c ballard

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