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Identity Thieves Attack the Web

by bwardell on February 26, 2010

For some, identity thievess are a hoax. However, selected crowds believe that this thing can actually really happen to them, and for very good reason. Unluckily, it can also result in a very serious and life-changing incident. Who exactly are these identity thieves and how can we avoid being a target?

Personal information like credit card accounts, social security numbers, license numbers and even your date of birth can be stolen. Yes, they are indeed your personal belongings per se, but these thieves can actually steal that information from you. They can even open bank loans, open up new credit card accounts or worse, execute felonies without your knowledge. It may seem impossible but that actually happens these days. A lot of people do not even grasp the thought that their identity has been stolen until they begin to receive odd bills in their mailbox or sometimes after a check of criminal records.

The sad part is, the ways to protect ourselves are simple but we often fail to recognize and give importance to them.

Identity theft is really one of the biggest problems the online industry is facing. We often think that as we pay our bills online and do money transfers it is safe because of the security measures the site offers but it does not happen all the time. As we input our personal information in the web pages for payments and money transfers, our personal information is risked as well, viruses and spywares may gain access to our computers and can actually steal our information without restraints.

ID Monitoring Protection

The Internet in reality is safe, but because of those viruses, hackers gain the opportunity to steal your information. There are a number of anti-virus programs to protect our computers and identity from thieves that are available for purchase and can be downloaded online. Software is actually one way we can actually protect ourselves from ID thieves and hackers. Another way is the use of a firewall. Firewalls are programs that regularly come with an anti-virus program that blocks the thieves from getting into our systems and from eventually getting vital information from our computers.

Lastly, it is essential that we change our account passwords from time to time and never use an all letter or number password, and make sure to keep them confidential.

We should value our identity and must protect it from online identity thieves for we might not know, we are already victims of our negligence.

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Bill Wardell

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