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Will Marling – Director of NOVA Provides Victim Assistance – Visits With The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

by dballard on September 20, 2010

Dignity and Compassion…When is the last time something or someone egregiously wronged you and afterwards, you had someone to turn to who listened and treated you with dignity and compassion.


Will Marling on

Will Marling, Executive Director for National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) is also a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist. In 2000, the National Organization trained Will for Victim Assistance© (NOVA), which brought an added dimension of development to his skill, set and experience base in responding to people in crisis.

Although NOVA primarily provides assistants to victims of violent crimes, NOVA recognizes that non-violent crimes, particularly Identity Theft, is a devastating crime likened to a chronic disease that has infected your identity,  and forever making you vulnerable to a reoccurrence.

Will things ever be the same after you become a victim of Identity Theft? The consensus is once your identity is compromised it will always be more vulnerable to occur again. Will, helps victims understand that they are not alone and provides that attention needed. Will, explained, yes, there is a loss, which needs to be controlled, and that afterwards there becomes a “new normal” as your starting point.

There are several kinds of identity theft, but the one that seems on the rise is medical identity theft. Take a moment and listen to the interview at an approximately Time Stamp of 19:55, and listen to what happened to a friend of Will’s. Both Will’s friend, and the identity thief were in the same hospital, at the same time being treated, and how that almost became a fatal accident for Will’s friend.

Just a FYI, Identity theft is a business that can be conducted by inmates while incarcerated upon law-abiding citizens.

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Something discussed on previous interviews is how we are a data based society, and the significance of those who manage these databases being held accountable for the safety and security of our Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As individuals, we may be following best practices; however, if database managers are not held accountable to an even higher standard, to protect our PII, then the consumer is unfairly put at a greater risk for identity theft.

Will, was a victim of credit card fraud, however; what is interesting about Will’s story is his pursuit in following the criminal’s trail. How the crime unfolded and displayed the true criminal intent and deception behind the credit card fraud is intriguing. Listen to the story – Time Stamp 24:24 in the interview.

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“You are not going to believe what happened to me”, NOVA takes the time to care and gives genuine attention, and more than likely you are not alone and yes, NOVA believes what happened to you.

Will provided great insight that will empower individuals and help them make better-informed decisions in his or her digital life.

Be sure to download the entire interview with Will Marling, NOVA Executive Director for later listening.

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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