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The CyberHood Watch – Dave & Bill – Asked Robert Siciliano – What Makes ID Theft The Number One (#1) White Collar Crime In The U.S. & UK

by dballard on May 26, 2010



The CyberHood Watch Meet Robert Siciliano

Your Personal Life Is Not Meant To Be Online...

Did you ever wonder why or what allowed Identity Theft to prosper and become the largest white-collar crime in the US and the UK? I asked that question to Robert Siciliano, and what it boils down to is Identity Theft is one of the easiest and more lucrative crimes ever-afforded criminal minded individuals… They get away with the crime; only one in 700 are caught.


At the end of every CHWradio show, we offer our guests the “CyberHood Watch Magic Wand”, which allows him or her to wave the Wand over any concern of theirs, and effect change for the better, what would that be?

Robert’s change for the better would be:

“Accountability across the board, accountability means that you and I are effectively identified and authenticated. Our identities are set in stone so nobody can pose as us. Nobody could damage our reputation. Nobody can apply for an account under our names, and soil our good name and our good credit.




You Can Be Assumed At Anytime!

I would love to see effective identification… across the board, and I would love for personal security training to reside in every single education institution across the planet as a fundamental requirement just like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Because, once people understand the fundamentals of personal security, and how to save their lives or even the lives of their loved ones, every other decision in life is relatively simple.

A person gains an enormous life perspective by understanding life saving techniques in this way. So, between effective identification, authentication, and effective training for all citizens as to what their likes and responsibilities are on personal security, I think it will make us all much stronger, much smarter, much healthier, better, faster, and would solve many of the world’s problems.”

Robert’s wave and wish with The CyberHood Watch Magic Wand stems from years of empowering individuals and recognizing the need for a “cut-in-stone” method of identifying and authenticating who you really are.

The interview covers a great deal about protecting your identity and personal information.

Heads-up! Be mindful of the fact that in the next few years, there will be greater than four billion devices connected to the Internet, and the smart phone will dominate. Unfortunately, the majority of the smart phones will be in the hands of children. The misnomer here is the word, phone – That is only a fraction of its power, and they will be cradled in the hands of children.


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