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One of the Hottest Topics – Summer 2010 How can I SPY without getting caught?

by bwardell on July 5, 2010

I read this post today Is Someone Spying On Your Cell-Phone Calls? and it confrimerd what Dave and Bill have been saying for almost 3 years now!! Your personal Privacy is important and nooen is going to protect it like you can but you have to be aware… ask the 6 questions!?

Sometime in early 2007, Richard Mislan, an assistant professor of cyberforensics at Purdue University, started getting phone calls and e-mails from people around the world—all looking for help with the same problem. “They thought someone was listening in on their cell-phone calls,” he says. “They wanted to know what they could do to confirm it was happening.” Read more: Is Someone Spying On Your Cell-Phone Calls?

How suspicious spouses, protective parents, and concerned companies are turning to cheap and hard-to-detect commerical spyware apps to monitor your mobile communications.

ask and the answer… who what when where why and how?

You can monitor all your and your children’s activities online with very simple tools, but simple and easy come with responsibility use these tools wisely :)

One tool you can use, is one The CyberHood Watch Partners recommend: Protect Your Children

Bill Wardell

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