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Good Morning KUTV 2 News – Welcome To The CyberHood Watch…CHWradio

by dballard on August 17, 2010

It started out like any other Tuesday morning. I was looking forward to the interview with Raj Goel, CISSP, an IT and information security expert with BrainLink, when I got a call from Dan Rascon KUTV 2 News. I had done my research and felt good about talking with Raj and hearing what he had to say.

Permit me to interject a personal comment, and I am sure Bill would echo the same. I would like to thank all our guests for sharing their time with our listeners and us. Another special thanks to Anissa Wardell, The Publicists Assistant, who is instrumental in co-coordinating our guests and promoting The CyberHood Watch, CHWradio. Here is the Press Release that caught the eye of KUTV 2 News, and Dan Rascon. The real beneficiaries are those who listen to the interviews. There is something for everyone and particularly those who are concerned about his or her digital life.

Back to the events of the day. I agreed to the interview with Dan Rascon, which was to take place towards the end of the show with Raj Goel; capturing the whole process on KURTV 2, what a wrap up. I love the events that take place behind the scene, the preparations, and enjoying the moment commenting to a larger audience.

Dan Rascon Interviews Dave Ballard - The CyberHood Watch


In the video clip, Dan interviews Sariah Donnahoo, a behavioral analyst with The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. What is important about this piece about “sexting” being used as blackmail, “Sextortion” is the awareness KUTV 2 brings to the table. It is up to our readers to communicate this to those they care about.

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill had the opportunity to interview Capt. Rhett McQuiston,  ICAC-TF, however; the topic centered on child pornography and online predators. The digital age has certainly exacerbated many of the issues kept out at the edge of town and away from our children and families. The edge of town has moved into the home and is carried around in your kids back pocket, or purse. Raj referred to kids with smart phones like carrying around a loaded weapon. What parent would allow that?



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