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While You Have Been Farming FarmVille – Someone Else Has Been Harvesting Your Personal Information…

by dballard on October 18, 2010

Who Is Harvesting Your Personal Information?

Glitch, or no glitch, the farm has a spoiled apple in its midst. Seems, when you click on an advertisement, it also sends a picture of the last page viewed on your PC along with the click. It is called a “referrer” page, which helps the advertiser know how you got to their page. Feels like a weak link in the system to me.

It becomes a problem when your last page contains personally identifiable information (PPI). In this case, it is your personal Facebook page. It bypasses your privacy settings, and still sends the page containing privacy information.

Protect Your Crops in FarmVille:

Go to Privacy Settings — > Applications, Games and Websites — > Unwanted or spammy applications — > Click the “x” next to each application you do not use.

Keep the Poachers Out:

Go to Privacy Settings — > Applications, Games and Websites — > Info accessible through your friends — > Edit Settings — > Uncheck all boxes and save changes.

Want to know more about tracking and what they know about you. Check out The Wall Street Journal’s “What They Know About You

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The Wall Street Journal did a great piece on the Facebook privacy breach. How much is too much. Moreover, when they know more about you than you do about yourself…What happens then?

Here is a video explaining “cookies” and another that exposes a lot more about the hidden struggle between advertising and privacy, called “tracking”.

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Jackie October 19, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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