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Donna Rice Hughes – Enough Is Enough – Internet Safety 101- Meets CyberHood Watch Partners Dave & Bill

by dballard on January 12, 2010

It’s ironic how Bill and my wife Christi both had prior knowledge of our guest, Donna Rice Hughes, President and CEO of Enough is Enough. In the

Donna Rice Hughes

Donna Rice Hughes

beginning while becoming an authority for online safety, Bill would reference Donna’s website as a source to quote. Christi on the other hand met Donna and briefly talked to her many years ago when Christi was a flight attendant and Donna was a passenger on the plane. Today was my turn to share an hour with Donna Rice Hughes as our guest on It was a great day in The CyberHood Watch neighborhood.

As Donna pointed out, the Internet is a neutral technology, but it is so dynamic a platform with exponential growth for both good and evil that as responsible cybercitizens we cannot rest on our laurels. Too often, we refer to the Internet as the Wild-Wild-West, but for all those who are reading this…You aien’t seen nothing yet. What we have experienced is only a tea party in comparison with the technologies that are fast approaching.

Beginning in early 2009, The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave and Bill, assisted PC Pandora in developing and implementing a Security Symposium that could be shared with the community to educate parents, educators, and family members on Internet safety. Then Bill and I recently released our new eBook, “Think It Won’t Happen To You”, gathered from two years of research and over a hundred interviews with authorities from around the world, like Donna Rice Hughes, about the top issues facing all of us.

For a very brief moment, it was a bittersweet moment for Dave & Bill researching what Enough is Enough had accomplished. However, it is ultimately about getting out the message about values and online safety and the CyberHood Watch partners will always opt-in to accomplish that goal.  Well, “Enough is Enough” is here to make a valuable contribution that will empower more children, families, educators, and concerned digital citizens than ever before and do it in a period necessary to effect important change in the safety of our digital children.



Our digital citizens are fortunate to have individuals like Donna Rice Hughes, who has spent her life passion to facilitate a safer and healthier Internet for everyone and in particular the “Age of Innocence”.

A three-pronged strategy initially adopted back in 1992 involving the public (parents and end users) – the technology industry (develop protective technologies & family friendly policies) – and law enforcement (legal, government, public policy & enforcement) still holds true today.

Following this three-pronged approach with nine years of research, and five years of development, Enough is Enough has developed the ultimate program called, “Internet Safety 101”. The program is designed to empower parents, educators, and other caring adults to help protect their children from the dark side of the Internet. Each prong is an action working in harmony to empower the individual, which in turn will provide for a safe and healthy Internet for our children.

It is not an easy task when the laws, which are in place and apply to television to protect underage children from adult content, are not available to protect children online as well. Moreover, it is made evident from the fact that the greatest percentages of viewers of pornography are teens. There is a good reason for that when you consider pornography is a twelve billion dollar industry and the deceptive practices used to entrap children are permitted. Talk about grooming techniques practiced by predators and pedophiles, the tactics used by the pornography industry to entice and corrupt children parallel closely to deviant practices.

Be assured that pornography is addictive and science has shown changes in the brain function that actually takes away free agency to make the chose to overcome the addiction. Moreover, if you think for a moment the pornography industry is not aware of this and leverages the behavior you are jeopardizing your child’s age of innocence. Make sure to watch the videos that are provided on Donna Rice Hughes’s site, Enough is Enough.

The days of the onetime sex-talk with your child no longer applies because we live in a sex-saturated society and it is important to have recurring sex-talks appropriate at different stages of our child’s life. This will allow our children a frame of references so they know what they will accept, which will help them identify when confronted with the pornographic lie that permeates our society.

Donna pointed out that the Internet operates on a completely different paradigm. She went on to explain how television passes the law muster even though we may not agree to the level of appropriate content, but it follows the law. You have the right to opt-out of regular channel television, subscribe to an adult channel, and bring it in to your sphere of watching.

However, with the Internet, everything is opposite, anything goes, and everything goes. If you do not want the adult content, you then have to take steps to lock out that content access with filters or monitoring software. This puts an extraordinary burden on parents to manage the unwanted information pouring in.

Here is a tip from Donna, look for the preference button on your Google search engine and set your preference filter appropriately, which now comes with a password protected feature for parents. As Donna said, competition among corporate leaders can be a good thing, especially with these filter settings.

Parents, educators, and responsible cybercitizens who will implement the “Rules n Tools” of the “Internet Safety 101” program (funded by the DOJ), provided by Donna Rice Hughes and Enough is Enough, will effect a positive change in the life of a child’s Age of Innocence, allowing for a safe and healthy Internet experience. It is hard to be a parent and it is harder to be a cyber parent, but corporate America has made it easier by placing all the “rules n tools” needed, at your disposal to know what to do at your own pace.

Parent Notification Of Kids Online Activities

Monitoring steps up the accountability of your child and is a tool used as a parental control along with filtering to verify and ultimately establish trust. A good free alternative to monitoring is to check your computers history. However, good monitoring software is like a TiVo, which captures all your child’s online activities and can deliver real time notifications of any breeches in your child’s behavior.

We all agreed there are some wonderful applications of technology as well as amazing technologies that will simply be jaw-dropping applications like the “Sixth Sense”.

david c ballard

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