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Dave and Bill Join The Online Mom Community

by bwardell on January 25, 2011

We had a couple of really great guests on today’s show… I am going to highlight Monica Vila our first guest, she represented the LAW side of our special show!

Dave and I had fun today with the format of having parents and teens and their relationships compared to the very successful TV drama called Law & Order… So, Make suere to listen to Monica’s interview below:

Join Dave and Bill and become a Part of the Solution by, Joining The Online Mom Community… click below:

When asked Monica gave us some great tips (7 good computer security habits) for keeping our families & children safe online!

1. Lock your computer when you are not using it. Even if you are away from your computer for just a few moments, your data could be compromised. Close your computer and make sure the screen locks.

2. Disconnect from the Internet. Most broadband connections allow us to stay permanently connected to the Internet, but this convenience comes with risks. The chances of your computer being attacked is much higher if you are always connected. This is particularly true if you are using your computer at home without an adequate firewall.

3. Adjust your security settings.
The Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS operating systems all have multiple security settings, as do the popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Make sure the settings are appropriate for your computer and are adjusted for each individual user.

4. Check for security patches and software updates. Microsoft and other popular operating systems offer regular updates and software patches to protect against viruses and security flaws. Make sure your computer regularly checks for updates or visit the appropriate web page to get the latest download. (Windows users can get security updates here.)

5. Change your passwords. Change your passwords regularly, particularly for financially sensitive accounts and web sites. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. Do not keep a copy of all your passwords on your computer. It will be much harder to re-create or access accounts if data is lost.

6. Protect against power surges and outages. Computers are easily damaged by power surges. Make sure you are protected and consider disconnecting your computer during thunderstorms.

7. Back up your data. Set aside a few minutes a week to back up your files and personal data.

For more information check out Dave’s post about: Thomas A. Jacobs

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Bill Wardell

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Law & Order With Parents and Teens: Growing Up Digital In The Online World

The Law:

Monica Vila Founder and Chief Technology Mom – Today’s children are exposed to a dizzying array of technology platforms and services that present endless possibilities…and more than a few problems. How do parents keep up with all the technology that is now second nature to their kids? How can parents make informed decisions about how their kids spend their time online and which tech devices and internet sites are appropriate? How can parents give their kids guidelines that should apply both inside and outside the home? Above all, how can parents keep their kids safe – protecting them from online dangers, whether it’s cyber-bullying, online predators, pornography or ID theft?

Monica’s career spans two decades of 3-dimensional consumer marketing that has allowed hundreds of clients to create strong brand connections with key demographics. For the last 15 years she has focused on consumer technology and is passionate about creating tech savvy communities – empowering families to make good decisions about their use of technology. Monica was previously PTA President at her daughter’s elementary school and is an active advocate of parents embracing technology by understanding both its benefits and risks. Be a Part of the Solution: Join The Online Mom Network

The Order:

Thomas A. Jacobs was an Arizona Assistant Attorney General from 1972–1985 where he practiced criminal and child welfare law. He was appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court in 1985 where he served as a judge pro tem and commissioner in the juvenile and family courts until his retirement in 2008. He also taught juvenile law for ten years as an adjunct professor at the Arizona State University School of Social Work. He continues to write for teens, lawyers and judges.

Thomas A. Jacobs is a retired juvenile judge and the author of the recently published and endorsed by Dr. Phil McGraw Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin. Teen Cyberbullying Investigated looks at real stories and cases of teens who faced consequences for their online behavior. He is also the creator/moderator of AsktheJudge is a teen law website answering teens’ and parents’ questions about the laws affecting minors. We have a “You and the Internet” section that provides additional information for teens and parents about this important issue: “You and the Internet

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