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CyberHood Watch Responds To Martin Varsavsky’s Post: “The Real Time Web Makes Your Life Safer”

by dballard on January 26, 2010

Karrie G. Karahalios

Karrie G Karahalios

I was doing some research after our interview with Karrie G. Karahalios on CHWradio when I came across an interesting post. Be sure to check out the post for Kerrie tomorrow.

The title of the post was, “The Real Time Web Makes Your Life Safer”. The author’s point of view regarding disclosing to much information and worrying about the criminal dangers, may in fact not be so dangerous, but actually safer.

Naturally, as a partner of The CyberHood Watch, a statement like that caught my attention. As Martin Varsavsky pointed out, his post was “an anecdotal article and I welcome proofs for or against the argument that sharing increases or decreases your risk profile”.

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Overall, Martin Varsavsky noted several occasions in which disclosing personal information on the Internet might prove beneficial. In addition, Martin dispels the idea of disclosing to much personal information as unsafe. Posting to much personal information does not substantiate an increase concern over criminals and/or kidnappers who might physically cause harm to him or his family members.

I understand Martin’s point of view and his correlation between criminality vs. probable risk. However, the chances of you being mugged, kidnapped, or murder because of your personal information disclosed on the Internet, while also identifying your personal residence, and is highly unlikely, just as Martin pointed out.

I agree with Martin’s thought process, if his personal information identifies his residence, or even his whereabouts while mountain biking, it could very well be an advantage for that one time (probability) something life threatening happens…Emergency personnel can find you.

As an advocate for the safety of children, families, and businesses in the digital age, and a partner of the CyberHood Watch, I would like to present an alternative point of view. My partner, Bill and I, are always concerned about posting too much personal information. However, our messaging of digital safety for children, families, and businesses depends on public awareness, which we deliver through the Internet. Consequently, there needs to exist some trust, which we believe begins with personal transparency while providing a trusted and valuable resource of content. One source of that transparency is our willingness to share our passion along with our personal personas. As advocates for digital safety on the Internet, we are mindful about our risks of being transparent. Therefore, we maintain a managed secure environment to assure our safety, which many of our readers enjoy.

We need to address the areas where too much personal information without a secure environment and education will certainly contribute to the many instances of human tragedy and traumatic consequences:

  • Identity Theft…The fastest growing white-collar crime in the US and UK. A source of ID theft is loss or stolen personal identifiable information
  • Cyberbullying…Personal information stolen to create slanderous sites to harass and character assassination
  • Predators and Pedophiles…The use of personal information to groom their victims
  • Spear Phishing…Sophisticated and highly skilled technique using personal identifiable information
  • Burglaries (B&E)…Personal information regarding schedules and vacations signaling when absent from the home
  • The loss of “Age of Innocence”…The use of personal information to rob the innocence of a child, exposing them to deviant behaviors
  • Loss of Employment or Career Opportunities…Personal information and behavior may turn out to be your resume
  • Digital Reputation…The safety of your personal information is vital in maintaining your good name and reputation Today!
  • There are more examples how your personal information can harm you and your family

In contrast to Martin Varsavsky’s optimistic view how, “The Real Time Web Makes Your Life Safer” and Martin’s downplay of disclosing too much personal information and the harm it may cause your family; I propose the later argument.

david c ballard

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