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by dballard on October 29, 2009 was not built for Bill and I to share with one another alone…Hold that thought.

Speaking of Bill and building the site…Hold that thought as well.

Keep up with me, this next thought has to do with letting go, I just want to publicly recognize Bill’s talents in setting up this site. He makes us/me all look good…After all you can be part of this site and contribute…Your input is always welcomed.

I just thought of something…this would be a good time to take a screen shot.

October 14, 2009

Introducing Home Page

Introducing Home Page

Five to ten years from now, it will be interesting to compare, the “then” with the “now”. Here is the top fold of the first day of’s “Home Page”.

Okay, the point is this site is not for us, it is for people like you who are interested in what the CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill and their guests have to share, for example…Enjoying the Internet safely.

We appreciate, you, visiting and would like to welcome you. Don’t skip through this site; there is a lot of valuable and practical knowledge on how to enjoy the Internet safely, and it is in your best interest to know how to be safe in the digital age. Do it yourself or find a service that will manage your digital safety.

Surf through a couple of pages – this site is for everyone who would reach out and pull back a child from stepping into oncoming traffic, or standing to close to the river bank, or probing an electrical socket with his/her toy. Many of our listeners while enjoying the Internet “safely” use the information provided here, knowing their children and families are protected.

Grab some good tips, bookmark the site, grab a mp3, and be sure to come back every Monday, and check out who will be our guest, Tuesday @ 11 a.m. on If the show sounds interesting, then join us live (347) 324-3429 or ask our guest a question in a real-time chat sessions.

Welcome… Everyone, and thanks Bill for sharing your talents and expertise developing such a great site.

What makes everything we do special…It’s all built with passion. We (Dave & Bill) enjoy what we are doing, especially being a part of the Internet and its’ future development for others to enjoy safely.

Being on the Internet and not being safe is just being foolish. No child should be on the Internet if that child does not understand the safety rules for the digital age or what it means to be civil towards one another.

If the latter thought interests you and feel there is common ground, we hope to see you often.

Enjoying the Internet safely,

david c ballard

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