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Even The BIG Boys Get Hacked… Please Be Warned & Always Have Your Security Updated!!

by bwardell on May 4, 2011

Joining Dave and Bill today is Wayne Huang… he and his team of researchers at Armorize discovered that, an international soccer website with over 190,000 UVM from the U.S. alone, has been actively serving malware to site visitors.

Wayne Huang President CTO and Co-Founder of Armorize

Listen to Wayne’s interview, it’s great and it was very timely because they wanted to share this message with everyone to understand how it easy it is to get hacked, even big websites and large companies, and then when you visit those sites you are open to attacks… so please click below:

Wayne Huang has extensive experience in the security industry and is a frequent speaker at security conferences including BlackHat (10), DEFCON (10), RSA (07, 10), SyScan (08, 09), OWASP (08, 09), Hacks in Taiwan (06, 07), WWW (03, 04), PHP (07) and DSN (04). He is the first author to achieve consecutive best paper nominations at the prestigious World Wide Web (WWW) Conferences (2003, 2004), and has a co-authored the Web Application Security chapter of “Computer Security in the 21st Century” (Springer US, 2005). Wayne is a PhD candidate at the EE, NTU, and has received his BS and MS in CS from NCTU.

Here is the link for the blog that went live on May 2:

Please be careful if you follow this link above that you should be fair warned that they are showing you an example of how Malarious Malware works!!

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