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Avast Me Hardies…The CyberHood Watch Sailed The Net To Prague And Discovered The Treasure Of,”ALWIL” A Bounty Any Self-Respecting PC Owner Would Possess.

by dballard on March 17, 2010




A Hundred Million Avast Users Can't All Be Wrong

As Pavel Baudis, Co-Founder, and Vince Steckler, CEO of ALWIL, pointed out, we are just another 22-year-old overnight success company, who is now one of the world’s largest players in computer security. Vince emphasized that ALWIL is the company and “Avast” is the product by which they are known.


An understatement, considering at the time we aired the show, ALWIL had One Hundred and Twelve Million customers using “Avast”, which is approximately twenty percent of the entire computer market worldwide. More astounding is that this has occurred in the last six years.




Vince Steckler, CEO of Avast - Guest of CHWradio

Beginning in 2003 and 2004, ALWIL change their business model, and offered Avast, their flagship booty, free. Obviously, starting from practically zero and accomplishing a user base of 112,000,000 users in six years is impressive. Having a free product that doesn’t work will not sustain positive growth to achieve one hundred and twelve million users. Avast, is not only free, but also a great product, and in many cases just as good as other paid versions.


While the major costs of others like Norton, Symantec, Trend Micro, or Kaspersky, etc. may run as much as a billion dollars to market products through the big box outlets, Avast is totally, marketed through word of mouth; entirely on users recommendations.

What sets Avast apart is the fact it is free, secondly, the technology is the most advanced and cutting edge available, and thirdly is the community. Earlier, Vince had pointed out that the software is not expensive as compared to the three major expenses:

  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Support

It can cost billions of dollars to satisfy these three factors.

“Community” is the last item mentioned in what sets Avast apart from any other security company. After listening to what Vince and Pavel had to say, this one feature is undeniably the most significant factor that has afforded them a hundred and twelve million loyal Avast users. Their relationship with their community is the dream of any of the later mentioned corporations spending a billion dollars on marketing, and speaks volumes on the goodwill ALWIL has with its community.



An Extended Family - You Can't Help But Feel Welcomed

The Avast community and their involvement is what allow ALWIL to offer Avast free. The Avast support comprises 10-12 individuals to handle approximately 300 customer service calls, while the other 180,000 other support requests are handled by the online community, and typically without much delay. The Avast community is without a doubt one of ALWIL’s greatest assets…The Community picks up a significant, if not almost all the costs associated with three major expenses: Marketing – Selling – and Support.


When a community provides this kind of support, you should ask yourself what is in it for them…A Hundred and Twelve Million People Can’t Be Wrong.

david c ballard

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