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by dballard on December 10, 2009

Michael Fertik Interview With

Michael Fertik Interview With

Anyone with half an imagination understands the Internet is an evolving enigma that in the course of time will be the catalyst to uncover many spectacular revolutionary trends and events.

Hindsight has shown the many phases of the Internet and the beginnings of several world trends that have become dominant industries. For example, computers lead to software giants, which lead to the security industry. Michael Fertik, CEO of Reputation Defender explains the three phases of the Internet, which has lead to the importance of actively controlling, monitoring, and tracking your reputation in the digital age.

The new trend is recognizing the fact your whole life is on the Internet. Michael points out that today individuals live on the web, you date on the web, you work through the web, and even your hobbies are on the web. In addition to what Michael pointed out regarding information you personally voluntarily contribute to the web, you also need to consider the industries that have gathered your personal data over the years have, or are in the process of transferring all those paper records to digital. Digital information on the web is inherently more vulnerable to theft and/or misuse.

Never before have so many been gathered under one digital umbrella. Unfortunately, anyone has access to the Internet exposing our whole life including truths, innuendos, misrepresentations, or flat out lies. Nonetheless, your personal information is there for others to judge and form an opinion, hence; the significance of Reputation Defender.

None of us can stop the Internet and no one will stop the misuse of the Internet. However, there are several steps we can take depending on the particular problem, such as Identity Theft, online predators, hackers, etc., which all of us can implement to defend ourselves.

When it involves you and your personal digital Internet reputation, the CyberHood Watch partners, strongly urge you to consider Reputation Defender as the source for help in controlling and tracking your personal information. This emerging trend if not given your attention could very well have serious negative consequences on your life, career, good name, and a host of other problems.

Too many have opted out of security in favor of convenience and the results constantly seem to be nipping at our heels.

Michael eluded to today’s resume as the act of a future potential employer Googling your name online. Moreover, there lies the problem, your online resume and who you are and how an individual interprets that information will determine a subjective evaluation of your character.

Reputation Defender has built the tools for anyone who understands the value of your good name, and to make sure your character is portrayed honestly and accurately. Face it…You are a digital citizen of the new Net-Generation.

Recently, the CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, had a guest, Sue Scheff, author of Google Bomb, who won a landmark defamation case of over eleven million dollars ($11,000,000.00). Your good name and keeping it that way is valuable.

A point I wanted to make earlier when mentioning trends is the fact that Michael has discovered an important trend that will escalate as a major problem and one that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, Michael Fertik, has developed a solution available through Reputation Defender.

Hiring Managers and HR Departments Are Googling You! If You’re Job Hunting, You Need a Great Online Reputation. Get MyReputation Today!

Personally, as entrepreneurs at heart, we appreciate Michael’s recognizing a new problem and being at the forefront of a new and dangerous trend with a valuable solution for controlling and tracking your personal information on the Internet.

Reputation Defender is not about removing damaging information; it is about replacing inaccurate or false information displayed on the front page of Google search results with honest healthy content, which in effect drives the unwanted information off the front page of Google. All this is accomplished through skilled professionals applying math, science, and writing and the tools developed by Reputation Defender.

by: david c ballard

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