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Facing Terminal Illness – Blending Science and Spirituality

by bwardell on November 22, 2011

Today’s show was awesome!!!

We were talking with Stephen just a few minutes before we went on live and we were asking Stephen J. Iacoboni, MD just how do you pronounce his last name correctly… and Stephen said it’s real simple all you have to do, is say it like this = Stephen J. Ya-Ca-Boney, MD

So as fate (not luck) would have it, I did not finish his introduction and we just started the interview, so I did not have a chance to say it right…SO…when Stephen comes on in a few months to preview his new book release, I’ll make sure to do it right this time :)

What a special show and we learned so much about life, death, and how to treat others before is to late… but especially, the real lesson was it is NEVER to late to learn to LOVE, take action and be prepared for what comes after this life… please listen to the interview below:

For decades Stephen Iacoboni, MD, carried John Donne’s words with him, “No man is an island…every man’s death diminishes me…therefore, do not send to know…for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for me.” Every patient’s death begged questions.

Cancer moves more slowly today, thanks to modern science. But science provides scant solace when it fails, slowly, to save our physical forms…and religious faith too often proves fragile during a long mortal watch.

Listen to the wonderful interview:

Stephen J. Icaboni, MD, served his fellowship in medical oncology at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where he received the outstanding researcher award and was honored to present his research findings at the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Get His Wonderful Book Here: The Undying Soul

Image of The Undying Soul

In 1989 Dr. Icaboni co-founded St. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center in Walla Walla Washington, where he lived and practiced for 16 years. He accepted the position of Medical Director at the Kootenai Cancer Center in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2001, and in 2010 returned to Washington to co-direct the Kennewick General Hospital Hematology-Oncology program.

    “The Undying Soul – A Cancer Doctor’s Discovery” is a powerful journey enabling doctor and patient to walk the hard road from the failure of science to the triumph of spirit. See also:

Many thanks for Stephen for spending an hour with US, and sharing all his Insight, Wisdom & Knowledge with Dave and I, but more so… the CHWR fans, followers and listening audience around the world!!

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