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Dave and Bill Interview Cammie Moise Internet Safety Advocate and Educator!

by bwardell on March 27, 2012

We were very excited to have Cammie on the CHWR live show today!!! As a fellow online security entrepreneur and internet safety advocate for children everywhere… listen to her interview below.

Cammie Ward Moise

Cammie Moise Internet Safety Advocate and Educator has been providing families up to date, internet safety education in today’s online world. CSF helps parents understand their Digital Parenting role.

Providing community education on using the internet and digital devices safely while maintaining an online reputation. Find more information fro Cammie and her CyberSafeFamily network here:

FaceBook | Cammie Moise | CyberSafeFamily | Cammie’s Blog | @twitter and the website!

“Digital Dinner Time”. Take time to talk about your personal digital environment… everyday with your family!

She, shared this quote… for the CHW Magic Wand Question, and many more wonderful tips, ideas and advice for our listening audience! Listen to the complete interview, below:

and… as a thank you Cammie has made available her: CyberSafeFamily Family Internet Contract for the CyberHood Watch listeners, audience and followers click the button below, to get your free copy!

Family Safety Contract

Dave and Bill would like to thank Cammie for being on our show today, it was awesome!!! as I IM’d Dave after the show and said you were great, Dave replied back… saying, she was real and I have to totally agree, one of the best shows all year, a TOP Tenner! Thanks again Cammie for everything… and if you every need anything that Dave and I can do for you, please let us know!!!

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